Author Topic: DOF Screenshots  (Read 975769 times)

I like this thread and I hope to see some really nice pics in here but I do beleive this belongs in gallery.


I love taking pictures in Blockland of cool builds. It's almost as fun as building the things yourself.
I can't say anything for the first one, but the second is undoubtedly Afkpuz.

Ice troll :o

Ignor the Fraps thing :c

Pictures in the dark are fun.

I got some WoW DOF, i don't think anyone wants to see those though D:

Random, your cathedral looks really good.

I think I've posted this elsewhere, but oh well.
Front page please :O

Here's mine :D Me and Hydralisk going through the ring :D

(Sorry for pagestrech)

How do you make it so rain splashes on bricks?