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nice pic slev! complete it now pls!

little dof but still dof

I like the basketball hoop on the baseball diamond. a new sport is born in Brickadia City

aaa so u think!

The city now has a cruise ship!! (and VERY soon a cargo ship!!)
look look! SUCH a beauty aaaa le supreme wallpaper! (its a dof still)

I love the cruise chip.

it dof (tiny but still dof)

nobody else posted pics pls wtf

glad to see theres still boys active :')

looks cool! viva l'italia

I went on The Brighter Dark's server!

recently built collabdiner by charles [8326] flavouredgames [27312] blades [15420] and misc. contributors [37394]

previously built
apartment by charles

cozyroom by charles

Looks great Charles. I like the diner very much.

DAMN them diner pics look fine
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