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Author Topic: NewGrounds or Kongregate?  (Read 1356 times)

I prefer kongregate. It's more of a games site while newgrounds is more audio and video with some games.

Needs a none option

I find flash games boring :(

I play kong but only popular games, I ventured into the new games section to be confronted with 'Poop Warz'.

Over NINE THOUSAND SITES!!!!!!11one!!11
Thanks for pointing out an obvious joke

Needs a none option

I find flash games boring :(
There is a none option
Its called not voting

If I do play a flash game, it's on Newgrounds.
Newgrounds has much more user created content. I prefer content that's original, and hasn't been posted on 9001 flash sites.
Kind of ironic that you'd say that since most of the games on those websites are taken directly from the front page of Newgrounds.
Is a Youtube video no longer original if it's been posted on a million different forums? I think not, Mr. Too-Good-For-Popular-Electronic-Media.

Well. Like I said, I like both, there's just something I like about Kongregate more. I just wish they had more games like NewGrounds that didn't suck testicles.

I personally prefer Kongregate. :3

Newgrounds is very good since it has Blockhead
It are epic