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Alright, this is one for the books, he has blown trainman1 out of the water and I am in the process of completely forgetting he ever was my little bundle of rage. GreenBH, you are an idiot, like really, you are. It's time I got a new "trainman1" GreenBH, enjoy the ride.

Alright so this imbecile is becoming worse and worse every day. It's his time.



Lawl posts.


Do this on Taboo's server. I'm not leaving. A copy of your picture is mine now.

Oh yeah, one thing, I right clicked your picture, then clicked Save As, then named it Spinning CD then hit Save.
I diden't do this though:

Right click, steal picture as, name it, then hit Steal. See? You are using the wrong word. Same with Saving Builds. Press ESC, click Save Bricks, name it, enter a description (optinal) and hit Save. Not press ESC, click Steal Bricks, name it, enter a description (optinal) and hit Steal.

Another KEEP winning team, where other teams never get the chance to win. It's unfair to win twice, everyone get's a turn, but we never. It was always the blue team. This started when I was living in Saudi Arabia for 7 years, moved there ever since I was 2.

COPPA sucks -_-

Ok, go ahead. I don't care.

I HATE BLUE SO HARD. It's from my school. I live in britian and we have a team system known as a house system. The blue team kept winning every month so I hate blue now.


Pah. I live in BRITAIN, and you guys live in America. And I highly disagree with an American protection act? And you THINK I've commited a crime by just doing something on a game? Ohhhh I'm so scared I'm reporting you all to admin wahwahwahwahwah (sarcasim).


OK, I put this here because it happened to me as well and it was the first time it did. This is how to be in whatever team you want in TDM. OK, this is how you do it, and it worked with me.

The first time you arrive you are put into Blue. You want to be in Red. So you leave the server and join again. Then you are still put into Blue. And you keep leaving and leaving and leaving and no matter how much you do it, your'e always put into BLUE. So this is what you do, and this is when I get crazy, but clever. Join the server, then on the loading screen (usally works with datablock load), say, and exactly how I say it, "Dear God, please put me in (team)." You don't need to use "'s but you will need to use punctuation. Do not use any word shorts like u, plz, and all that. And after I said it, I was put into Red O_O  :cookieMonster:

That's one thing you can try. It won't always work, but it's worth trying. It sounds crazy, but it worked for me. And God can change luck and unluck.

By the way, I stole it from another person who stole it!

This was TheGeek's, right? But the first time I saw this was on Melonking's server. And he loaded it. So he stole it, then I stole it, but theres one thing that dosen't make the word true, and that's the fact that they still have it. That's what I mean by claiming a copy.

I diden't know what credit ment at first, but then I realised all you have to say in your post is Credit goes to ___ for ___.

Plus, It's not a battle. I haven't lost, I haven't won, and you haven't lost, and you haven't won. I'm not fighting, because this is just a waste of time. I know I saved it, and I know I diden't give permission, and if you want to call it stealing then go ahead. I don't care anymore. You already told me I stole it. Yeah, you did. Heck of alot of you told me I stole it. And I don't need to be told more than once.

And there's a lot more, but I don't feel like spending hours copying and pasting all of his idiocy.

So in short, he's an idiot.

I still think there's hope for change in him.

I still think there's hope for change in him.
No, There is not

"Arrest this forgeter for being mean not giving his mod that other people want"
That part was about me becuase I did not give him Pokeball mod. Its so childish!

Lol, that was a good one.

We've not given him a chance.

No EDIT: Meaning, we've been expecting him to do bad things, so he does.

5th drama topic about GreenBH.

I seriously see nothing wrong with him.

You guys just need to let him be stupid, although I know it is impossible for most of you to not jump at the chance to hate someone. He is less annoying than the 200 threads you guys make about him.

I seriously see nothing wrong with him.

Get your eyes tested.