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Zombies are People Too (v2)
It has some zombies and stuff.

This is ZAPT.

The driving force behind ZAPT is zombies. Killing them, being them, flooding the streets with them, and setting them on fire are all methods of zombie appreciation. It does not matter if you're running for a saferoom, running for an escape vehicle, defending a military base, or just hiding, there will be zombies. Zombies that beat you, zombies that strangle you, zombies that climb on you, zombies that coat you in bodily fluids, and zombies that will smash you into stuff-flavored paste (with one arm, or two). Weapons are not optional.
And, keep in mind one little thing: In this mod, People are Zombies, Too.

ZAPT is 100% stand-alone. Although some features use external add-ons, they simply wont be added if the server is missing their requirements.

Zombie Features
Zombies are relatively intelligent with pretty nifty AI.
Zombies all have special moves (activated by jetting) that are unique to each class.
Zombies come in 11 flavors: Consumer, Fallen Survivor, Leaper, Jockey, Smasher, Smoker, Soldier, Standard, Swimmer, Witch, and Tank.
Zombies can convert humans by killing them.
Zombies are randomly clothed using what I call "Sensible Hats and Decals." They also use the zombie face decal pack by Striker150 and survivor decal pack by Rotondo.
Zombie players will keep their normal outfit. All skin colored nodes (determined by head color) will be turned to zombie colored (but the face decal is changed and the visor is removed for clarity).
Zombies have very dynamic thought and attack structure which should make it easy to add custom types if you're an add-on maker.
Zombie players have a 2.5 second window of opportunity after spawning to jet (right-click) and re-roll what they spawn as.
Zombies players can even climb brick walls by clicking them mid-air.

Human Features
Humans that die convert to Zombies as they respawn.
Humans have access to the following tools:
  • The Pipebomb, which attracts zombies into its blast radius before exploding. (Included!)
  • The Molotov, which has a damaging explosion and residual fire effect. Not only that, but afflicted objects will continue to burn and take damage.
  • The Pill Bottle, which will instantly, and temporarily, restore 50% of your HP and consume the pill bottle.
  • The Medpack, which will restore 100% of your HP after a few seconds.

Minigame Features
GUI that fits into the regular minigame option box list. This list does not appear if the server is not running ZAPT.
GUI contains options concerning mutations, points, friendly fire, tank selection, timers, and other game settings.
There are three mutations within ZAPT: Infection, Versus, and Man versus Tank.
  • *Infection is your typical everyone-is-human-until-they-die. Bots will spawn, people will convert on death, and there will be a lot of blood. If there is only one player in the minigame, certain zombies will not spawn to keep things fun.
  • Versus selects half of the minigame's population to play Zombies right from the start. Bots wont spawn (except for a few exceptions which MUST be controlled by AI), but once you die as a human, no second chances!
  • Man versus Tank selects only one player to be a Super Tank. The timer is changed to a health monitor, bots do not spawn, people do not respawn (as human or otherwise), and the Safehouse isn't-so-safe.

Pretty Stuff
Killspam CI by Striker150.
Pipebomb, Fists, and Witch claws by Striker150.
Brick Icons for the Zombie and Tank spawn by Striker150.
Spawn Bricks with Teal-Colored arrows by Iban
A HUD that covers the bottom of your screen and informs you about your friend's health by Striker150 and Iban.

Special Thanks
  • Space Guy - Being awesome.
  • Ephialtes - Blatant Theft of Flamethrower Flame Effects
  • Stratofortress - Blatant Theft of Molotov Explosion
  • Chrono - Blatant theft of player light events code for the Witch's aurora.
  • Destiny - Blatant theft of Minigame Events code.
  • Sir Cox the Great, and all others I have learned from by ripping up their mods.
  • Everyone who Submitted Bugs/Suggestions/Requests/Demands/Threats

Frequently Asked Questions
"People are spawning as Zombies on the People Spawn Points!"
This is because The Director cant find them zombie spawn points. Make sure there are Zombie Spawn Points nearby with a zombie type given to them. You may also need to increase the "Zombie Max Distance" in your RTB Preferences.

"I see 'They're Coming' and then my server lags out!"
Set the Mob Size Cap to something lower (5 - 10 is a safe bet) in the RTB Preferences. You can also disable mobs altogether by unchecking "Mobs are Allowed".

"Zombies make my server lag!"
Thin out your placement of zombie spawns and/or increase "Zombie Think Time" from 500ms. Increasing it to 1000ms will effectively halve how much processor power zombies require.

"Zombies are getting into the saferoom!"
The saferooms use trigger code from CityRPG. In order to make a saferoom safe, you need to ensure all bricks are entirely on top of a saferoom baseplate. Bricks hanging off do not get counted as safe. If zombies cannot get through the roof, then the trigger is too small. If they can stand on the roof, then the trigger is too tall. To change trigger size, alter the RTB preference.

All we want to do is eat your brains.

Are you serious? I don't get paid for this?!



Put into the Add-Ons folder in your Blockland folder.


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Lots of models need the texture "white", but that's automatically replaced by Blockland so I approved this so you guys can use it now.

Looks awesome.

It's a standalone mod, right? Not for the other zombie mod?

EDIT: Found it out.
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Nom nom nom goes the zombie.

Edit: I think I found a bug, I have the default gun enabled, but it isn't showing up on the item list.
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Oh stuff, where\'s the GUI?

How is this any diferent from the other zombie mod other than less features. (Doesn't matter anyway cause I don't have zombie mod)

Ignore the above. I've dl the mod, and I have a question. Do you need the decal pack for the zombies to look cooler?


Nah. I'll dl the decal pack.

I can't find it on rtb or here :(
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Wow, that's some good information about the actual mod (even though all you posted was mainly just saying "zombies" and bug reporting) bro.

You need an example save...

You need an example save...

I'm still staying with Rot's mod. This is basically just a lower version of it, in my opinion. Rot even made a full AI System that others could make friendly or enemy bots.

I'm still confused on how this is different from the other zombie mod...
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And I think you become a zombie.

There sohuld be a little more description on what's differnt than Rot's zombie mod so that people will be convinced to download. But great job on the mod.