Author Topic: SlopeEdits  (Read 10270 times)

Nice one kalp. Eat some  :cookie:

You have NO IDEA how long I've been waiting for the slopes flooded map to pop up somewhere I can Access.

Kal did a great job on these maps.The least you can do is show a little sympathy.

I like.

I agree with heed that:
... the moon looks odd, like it was ripped from Yoshi's Island.

These maps suck. Just let the topic die already.

I'm a mapper, but i just want to say, could you have atleast added a bit more originality?
Lots of people made a flooded slopes when they first got the mission editor, sure, maybe that's the purpose of the map, but it's just not really worth downloading in my opinion.

Kalphiter. Stop. Bumping. This.