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Clan Discussion / gors war band
« on: December 23, 2009, 08:49:11 AM »
the hq is gors war halls and to join you need to make you self look like a ork
ive came up with lots of ranks and classes like:

swift death (one man)
swift death (gunner bow)
swift death (pilot)

to be a swift death one man,pilot you need to be good at piloting flying carpets
to be a swift death one man,gunner bow you need to shoot and hit at high speeds

also there is a high rank of war boss(you need to live through ten battles to get up to this rank and be at red ork before
one lower is red ork body gaurd who gaurd war bosses and gor the black ork(if they kill 20 in battle)
veterns are warriors who have been in this clan for 3 months
there are also sargents who order the pike men archers and warriors who are in there sqaud
and there are then warriors and archers and pike men and horse men who are the main troopsof the war band and last there is runts wich are orks who have done crimes against orks they are banth fodder and do the most dangerst tarsks most people start at the rank of scout who seek out enamy bases and report back and tell there leader where there base is but if youre in the first 5 to join you start as a red ork
and also if you want you  can be a bilder and still fight
                                            here is a list of rules
                       nevar battle one another with out permission
                 nevar delete part of a ork base without permissoin
               no making arrangements with enamy forces unless its to declare war

                                       good builders wanted

p.s orks arent modern and clan tags are gor wb(if youre a war boss its gors wbl)

AoT Clan Discussion / clan:gors war band
« on: December 23, 2009, 08:04:01 AM »
im making a ork war band and i was wondering if any one would like to join
we have cookies :cookie:

to join when you need to where the face with the scar across its eye and make evey part that isnt coverd green and not where hoodies

p.s orks arent modern

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