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Gallery / Dagobah (Star Wars)
« on: January 25, 2018, 10:31:20 AM »

It's the swamp planet Dagobah from Star Wars. I want to thank the following people for hanging out on my server and encouraging me while I built: Jeprimer, Khaz, rlcbm, Magus, Cowboy Dude, the Brighter Dark, Sherif, Tito, Torin, and others.

103,373 bricks

Required add-ons:
One Random Brick Pack by Fart and King Tinks
Pole Bricks by Tophius
Small Ramps Pack by Emil
Small Ramps Corners Pack by Emil
Best Colorset by Chrono
Wedge Bricks by Tophius and General
Plant Bricks by Tophius and General

Packer's Block Wars Pack (optional)

Drama / Vittoriohp, ID 76322 -- spamming and crashing servers
« on: December 22, 2017, 04:07:26 PM »
Last week a user by the name Vittoriohp joined my server and spammed emitters to try and crash it. I searched his ID (76322) and found he did something similar earlier this year.

Prior drama:

Today I was on based rlcbm's server and ran into him again.

If you are hosting a server with building enabled and this guy joins, keep an eye on him and be prepared to ban him. He crashes servers by spamming emitters and bricks. Vittoriohp, ID 76322.

Gallery / Crater Mining Operation
« on: October 28, 2017, 05:34:34 PM »

Built by Mega Bear for Visolator's Randomizer, With some help from the Brighter Dark and }]Crazy[{.


Required add-ons:
Best Colorset by Chrono
Window Brick Pack by Tophius
Pole Bricks by Tophius
Small Ramps Pack by Emil
Small Ramps Corners Pack by Emil
Small Bricks by Kris
One Random Brick Pack by Fart and King Tinks (or use the more recent, updated version)

Creativity / Creature Feature
« on: March 16, 2017, 03:52:13 PM »
Bandcamp/Soundcloud 28 minutes
Ten songs which sample dialogue from science fiction films

Bandcamp/Soundcloud 25 minutesBandcamp/Soundcloud 24 minutes
Electronic, blues, lonely, introspectiveElectronic, folk, nature recordings, rainforest

Jungle Mouth was recorded from January to August 2016.
Acid Pool was recorded from September 2016 to March 2017.
Creature Feature was recorded from May to July 2017.

I'm going for a specific sound with each of these. If you see room for improvement please be specific and helpful, it doesn't benefit me if you are dismissive or vague. I'm also looking more for general tips regarding mixing and recording (e.g. how to treat some instruments, EQ pointers, etc) not instructions to change my genre.

Thank you for listening, hope you enjoy.

Forum Games / ☼ Legends Mode ☼ Turn 14
« on: February 13, 2017, 01:51:37 PM »

You control a science outpost in an alien wilderness on the planet Buddhana
Make collaborative decisions on how to expand, using the resources and characters available.


Resources: Lumber, reef and fish, free stone, minerals, reeds, spiked bamboo, light wheat.
Point of interest: Aluminum shack (25, 12) containing expedition supplies and food.
Point of interest: Free trade shuttle (19, 9) containing 200 lbs aluminum, barrel of high-M/low-pH fluid.


Major Maxis E1
Robot, expedition leader, age 2
Inventory: Multi-tool, radio, ray pistol (60-65 dmg),  pistol (15-25 dmg), shock dagger (30 dmg, brief paralysis).
Traits: High-capacity thinking, objectivist

Yosef Leo E2
Male human, security officer, age 30
Inventory: Assault rifle (35-55 dmg), communications box
Traits: Strength, militarist

Jenny Sultan E3
Female human, planetary scientist, age 34
Inventory: Bowie knife (25-30 dmg), portable microscope, micro-spectrophotometer, radio
Traits: High-capacity thinking, realist

Leppie E4
Male smart chimp, cultural anthropologist, age 14
Inventory: Translator, dictionary, radio, laser cutter (30-35 dmg)
Traits: Diplomatic, wildlife sensitivity

Rufus Army

Rufus No ID
Rufus Army leader, domesticated alien sloth
Inventory: Travel packs
Traits: Slow, muscular, clawed

Rufus Zombies E7, E15, N5, O4, O5
Undead, slaves
Inventory: Stone (250 lbs), vegetation (65 lbs), meat (30 lbs)
Traits: Slow, reduced bullet damage

► Skip turn
► Use [item]
► Explore [direction/coordinate]
► Interact with [entity]

Or suggest an action.

Long story short: I've been playing Double Dash for 10 years give or take, and since coming to college I've learned my peers also have an obsession with early 2000s Nintendo classics. So for the past year and a half I've been refining my strategy by beating my roommates relentlessly, challenging randoms off the street, harassing kids at arcades, and so forth.

This year a friend of mine joined a fraternity, and behold, during their rush week they host a Double Dash tournament. Finally! A chance for me to make a name for myself in the professional scene. I'm so hyped I e-mail the coordinator.

Then in the week leading up to the tourney I grind daily in Double Dash. I'm talking an all-cup tour on 150cc every day. I did two in a row just hours before the tournament itself. At this point I'm setting new records every time I play--a bizarre feat considering my memory card has all-time records accumulated after 10 years of aging students beating their former selves repeatedly. I make the money, man, I roll the nickels. The game is mine. I deal the cards.

I show up to the tournament last night and we play a warm-up. Four people compete in every game. I come in 4th the first game, but 1st the next three. I'm getting pretty loaded throughout this story by the way.

We draw up an officiated bracket. I'm in the first round and come in first place twice. At one point I recall taking off right at the start, establishing an aggressive lead on the other players, and stuffting on them with an unending diarrhea of bananas and green shells. The observers sitting in front of me slowly looked back in unmistakable awe. Since there are four players, the top two move on to the semi finals, the bottom two are booted--I am moving on.

15 minutes later it's the semi-finals. They give me some stuffe janky wireless controller that undoes my movements and lags at such uneven intervals I can't even compensate! I come in last one race, but pull first in the next by getting a lucky streak of blue shells, a rather bullstuff item which blows up the player in first with a like 0.05% chance of failure. I think I dodged a few last night lol not sure though. Next come the finals.

I pull a power play during character selection and pull both of the koopas as my characters, a killer move since we are using only the basic 16 characters and 8 karts--no unlocks. I've forced my opponents to choose slower characters than myself. I didn't even mean to by the way, I just chose really fast without looking and it turned out clutch. I win the finals obviously, it was kind of anti-climactic because by now I'm in the zone and skirt-skirting circles around these guys and their girlfriends. Though one fella was actually a great player so after I won he and I kept dominating in a much, much different game.

With practice you can be the best at any rule-based system. I have honed my skill to master a Japanese-produced digital racing system called Double Dash. The emotional high I'm on is indescribable.

General Discussion / Planet Londo: science fiction frontier
« on: August 12, 2016, 09:54:37 PM »
Planet Londo

Information & Server

Planet Londo attempts to fill a niche in Blockland not quite explored to its fullest: adventure. This map is set on an alien world with dangerous wildlife, spooky caves, and competing species. Players can complete quests to unlock weapons and areas, explore foreign biomes, and role play as they see fit. Many objects can be interacted with, all bots either have dialogue or a quest, and terrain is built by hand. Approximately 46,000 bricks.

Expect Planet Londo to be hosted a lot for the rest of the month and (hopefully) frequently even after school begins. Host will be Mega Bear. Players are encouraged to do whatever they want in this map, whether that means doing the quests and killing aliens or staying in the safety of the colony for role play.

>> Server page <<



Required Add-ons
Londo Weaponset by Jeprimer
Glowstick by Jeprimer
Output Event - addItem by Zack0Wack0
Variable and Conditional Events by Chrono and Destiny, provided by Zack0Wack0 (use the link on Destiny's Page)
AI Mutalid by Hydralisk and ArmyUnit
Zombie Tank Bot by Rotondo and Megaguy2
Events Set - Item Saving by Zack0Wack0
Trueno's Colorest (recommended)

Download Planet Londo (2 MB)


• Some quests are difficult. If you have to kill a boss, team up with friends.
• If you need to find an item, look in unexpected areas like the ceiling, narrow spaces, corners, even in enemy territory.
• When hosting Planet Londo, bot respawn times should be at least 60 seconds.
Dying loses all your progress on quests, and you have to talk to the bot to get a quest again. Talking to the quest-giver also resets your quest.
• You can recover items by talking to the bots who give them.

General Discussion / Square Society in Concert: 5 August @ 9:00 PM EST
« on: August 01, 2016, 08:10:40 PM »
Square Society is performing live music on Friday, August 5th at about 9 PM EST. All are invited. We have an assortment of keyboards, sequencers, and samplers which we used to make music. Specialized lighting and color changes set the mood.


Information . . .

The Square Society is a laid back collective of Blockland players seeking collaboration, enrichment, and a sociable building space. All are invited to join our servers (typically hosted by Mega Bear, Jeprimer, or the Brighter Dark) for any variety of fun: we host free builds, death matches, and special events. We are always looking for kind and creative players to join Square Society, however we do not accept applications. If you play the game with us, if we enjoy your company, and if you embody what Square Society stands for-- we will invite you to join.

Members . . .

Jeprimer [ID 15069]
Mega Bear [ID 15972]
The Brighter Dark [ID 2227]
VerticalHorizon [ID 258]
Blockomaniac (Lego Lad)
Zeustal (Postal)


Hoverette (2018)
the hoverette is a classic, default-style add-on! seats 2, handling is based on the stunt plane code (so you know it's gonna fly well), recolorable... no fancy features but it flies well and looks cool!

Station 3 (2016-- )
A cyberpunk city built mostly from modter bricks.

Jeprimer's Add-ons (2016-2018)
Londo Weaponset, darts, Station 3 print pack

Waterpark Vehicles (c. 2013-2014?)
A pack of vehicles good for water parks, such as a log canoe, a surf board, a paddle board, and 1-, 2-, and 4-person inner tubes.

Construction City (2013)
It's a DM based in a construction site.

Square Society Headquarters (2016) [by Jeprimer & Mega Bear]

Pink Floyd Album Art (2012) [good ones built by Jeprimer, others by Mega Bear]

(the Division Bell heads built by Jeprimer made it onto media page!)
The Viper spacecraft from Battlestar Galactica.
A refrigerator reclaimed as a discreet aircraft.
A diverse pack of weapons by Jeprimer, c. 2012.


Minigolf Extravaganza (2018) [by The Brighter Dark & Conan]

Capture the Base (2018)
Two teams battle for control of a central base. Once one side gains control, they must defend the base from the opposing team in order to win.

Skatepark Gamemode (2018)
"I enjoyed using Rally's skate board mod and decided to make a whole map and gamemode for it, along with some friends."

Casino Royale (2017) [by The Brighter Dark & Conan]
A casino with working slot machines and card games.

King's Quest (2017-2018)
A fun, new, and exciting take on Snipers vs Runners.

Temple Treasure (2016, 2018)
There are two teams. The goal is to collect gold in the map and bring it back to your team's chest. If you die you drop any treasures you may carry. First team to 8,000 gold wins! Oh, you can also steal from the other team!

Gallery (from Cinematic Brick Tessellation Video)

Some bricks commissioned by tbd
A 16-stud-wide arch brick.
Some additional grill bricks similar to the default one.
An industrial light brick. (Filename has a typo-- correct "brink" to "brick" upon download.)
Some spire bricks for topping builds.



Jurassic Park Pack (2018) [Blockalpha and Lego Lad]
Lots of incredible Jurassic Park playertypes, vehicles, and prints by Blockalpha. Lego Lad leads on the immense build.



Festung der Schwarzung (c. 2007)
This haunting default build oozes oppression and death.


Sailboat & Black Pearl (2018)

Medieval Armors (2016)
A cohesive package of detailed medieval themed armors, from helmets to chestplates.




Frontier Kosmos (2018)

Jungle Challenge (2018) [w/ lots of help from Jeprimer and the Brighter Dark]
A survival run through a jungle. Built for The Brighter Dark's server.

Land of the Lost (2017-2018)
Click the image below to see the sub-thread with more pictures and information.
... and click here for the comic The Last Voyage of Captain Ursus, a story set in the Land of the Lost.

Dagobah (2017-2018) [Square Society / Star Wars Content Creation Clan]

Crater Mining Operation (2017)
An industrial dig site on an alien planet. Built for Visolator's Randomizer server.

Planet Londo (2015-2016)
An expansive science fiction frontier with quests, alien biomes, and science.

Thanks for reading!

Gallery / Planet Londo by Mega Bear
« on: May 23, 2016, 05:43:50 PM »
Planet Londo
by Mega Bear, ID 15972

This is the rocky and green planet Londo. It is many weeks in the making... hope you enjoy. Features: Small docked starship, a handful of brick vehicles, a decked out settlement with futuristic scenery, a laboratory with prison cells and a crazy cool machine, lots of wilderness, hidden secrets, alien ruins, and an alien village.

If you wish to host this you're free to do so. 19,300 bricks. All content is default.

- Jeprimer: Mushroom pit and alien ruins.
- Serge64: Forklift in warehouse.
- Mega Bear: Everything else.

Off Topic / Cats standing up like people VERSION 2!!!
« on: May 07, 2014, 06:14:35 PM »
Original thread

Time for round two, fellow lovers of cats who stand upright. This is your reminder that the cats are evolving... preparing to take over the Earth. I'm not stuffting you. Planet of the Cats is upon us. I will now quote a relevant piece of dialogue.

"Cornelius, come here. Reach into my breast pocket." Dr. Zaius ordered. Cornelius strode over, although hesitant at first, and reached into the orangutan's pocket. He retrieved a small roll of paper. Zaius continued. "Read the twenty-ninth Scroll, sixth Verse."

Cornelius unraveled the scroll and began to recite the Lawgiver's edict. "Beware the beast man, for he is the devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he murders for sport, or lust, or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him: drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death."

When 3978 rolls around, I can see this scenario taking place, although with cats at the helm of civilization rather than apes. Chilling stuff.

I apologize for making things so dark. Without further adieu, let us begin. Please post any pictures of your own!


Off Topic / Let us wish a happy birthday to Isjix
« on: April 10, 2014, 05:04:06 PM »
Today is Isjix's birthday. He's turning seventeen today, pop dat cherry Isjix!

Biography of Isjix (using sentence fragments): Cool guy. Doesn't afraid of anything. His posts make up 0.6% of all posts in Mapping Help, 0.4% of posts in Help, and 0.2% of all posts in General Modification Help. Such a hearty guy. Always enjoyable to read his posts.

In conclusion, happy birthday Izzy-Jixo (hope u like ur new nickname) :iceCream:

Off Topic / Cats standing up like people
« on: March 28, 2014, 11:28:38 AM »

Please share similar pictures and discuss cats standing up.



Your multiship has malfunctioned, landing you and your party on a post-apocalyptic Earth filled with monsters, dinosaurs, ghosts, superheroes, giant frogs, zombies, and more! The party must now find a way out of this universe!


Non-RP actions will be decided with a D20. Mega-Bear is the Chaos Master, responsible for making sure the game progresses at an enjoyable pace for all players. His word is final on all decisions!

World Map

Locations and Populations

  • Africa: Zombies
  • Asia: Ghosts
  • Antarctica: Snow creatures
  • Australia: Dinosaurs
  • Europe: Golems
  • North America: Monsters
  • South America: Giant frogs and giant bugs

Level System

Every time a player levels up, they are able to add PTS to their skill set. These points aid in completing actions and reaching objectives.

Skills: 30 PTS

All players allocate 30 PTS to the following skills before starting. For every 4 PTS added to a skill, the player gets +1 added to related dice rolls. Each level gained gives the player an additional 4 PTS to allocate.

  • Knowledge: Science, problem solving
  • Charisma: Socializing
  • Construction: Setting traps, fortification
  • Physical Combat: Hand-to-hand battles, melee weapons
  • Ballistic Weapons: Ballistic pistols, carbines, rifles, rocket launchers
  • Energy Weapons: Energy pistols, carbines, rifles, plasma mortars
  • Paranormal: Occult, magic, necromancy

Superpowers: 20 PTS

Any superpowers marked with an +/- are exclusive, meaning only one can be chosen. For every 4 PTS allocated to a superpower, the player gets +1 added to related dice rolls. Each level gained gives the player an additional 2 PTS to allocate.

  • Speed: Quickness, reaction time
  • Strength: Lifting heavy objects, overpowering foes
  • Flight: Soaring through the air
  • Regeneration: Restoring health to you and other entities
  • +/- Telekinesis: Moving objects with your mind
  • +/- Shapeshifting: Morphing into other materials or creatures
  • +/- Elemental Manipulation: Rearranging the atomic makeup of various objects


Quote from: Clad Harrison
Clad Harrison
Lvl. 1 Human

Knowledge: 4
Charisma: 4
Construction: 4
Physical Combat: 5
Ballistic Weapons: 5
Energy Weapons: 4
Paranormal: 4


Do not request superpowers. One player will be given superpowers from the start as the result of a random dice roll. As the game progresses, other players might be presented with opportunities to acquire superpowers.

Quote from: Application
Name: [Something heroic but believable]
Species: [Pink/brown Human, red/orange/yellow Houhoulian, blue/purple Burnecid]
Description: [Hair/eye/skin color]

Skills: [Allocate PTS to skills]

Playable Species

Burnecid, Houhoulian, Human

Off Topic / Things girls do that make you go d'awww v2
« on: March 02, 2014, 05:35:44 PM »
A while back someone made a topic like this, I think it was Clone v.117 but I don't remember exactly. Seems like the kind of topic he'd make though, so let's just say it was him.

I'm bringing it back baby. Post things that girls do that make you go d'awww.

  • When they smell nice
  • When their sleeves go slightly over their hands
  • When they wear their hair in pigtails
  • When they giggle very rapidly so it sounds like speed giggling
  • When they wear hipster glasses

Okay your turn

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