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Off Topic / blf suggest good laptops to me pls
« on: February 06, 2019, 08:00:23 PM »
I need a new laptop since my 8-10 yr old acer laptop isn't feeling so good (and is so horrifically outdated that it's gfx card doesn't even support dx11).

I need something decently high-end since I need it to run game engine editors(particualry Unreal) on high and also just for running games in general tbh. Would also be nice to have something that can run VR (Vive or Vive Pro) once I have the spare cash for that too.
My budget is $1k to $1.5k or so.

I originally bought this thing, but it came out of the box with a defective PCI express system, so I returned it. Something of similar performance would be preferable.

Also I need a laptop and not a PC (yet) because I need to be able to take it places

Off Topic / Bees seemed to have moved into the chimney of my house
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:39:45 PM »
Fortunately there is a pair of glass door/cover things that's been keeping most of the bees from getting into the house, but some of them slipped through the small opening between the doors, so my mom tapped the gap shut for now lol

Which one of you is responsible for this

This would be somewhat similar to the Environment Zones mod made by Zeblote, but would be a bit more simple.

Essentially, the script would change the client's environment settings based on their height in the world, and wouldn't be effected by their horizontal coordinates at all.
Probably the easiest way to implement this would be to just have a chat command that sets the environment boundary height at the user's current location. Something like /createHeightZone or something.
And to delete zones you could just type /deleteHeightZone while inside of that zone.
For safety sake, there should probably be a hard-limit on how low you can set zones. Probably the lowest/ground level zone should be the default zone/environment.

This would mainly be useful for setting up transitions for going from ground to space (or just high altitude). You could probably even set it up for going down into caves (forcing the lighting to be darker/different to avoid people needing shadows).
And with no horizontal limitations, it'll be more compatible with large builds or fast vehicles that would have a tendency to leave the environmental zones accidentally.

Also I actually need this pretty badly (and soon), so I figured I'd ask

I've been toying around with the idea of hosting a small Lego-themed free build server for quite awhile now, mostly just for the fun of it, but also because I'd like to see how such a thing would turn out.

The server would probably be taking place early next week or maybe this weekend. I do have pretty large selection of mods assembled already for the server, but if anyone knows of any good Lego-themed mods, please recommend them! I'm sure there's quite a few that I've forgotten about. I do happen to have a couple unreleased lego mods that'll be on the server as well, and there are several other mods that I could probably throw together if I have time.

I'd like to know how many people would be interested in joining the server. If interest is low then I will probably host something else next week :P

Modification Help / Forcing boundingbox dimensions of a playertype?
« on: November 23, 2017, 12:38:58 PM »
I'm wondering if there is any way to set the bounding box of a player or bot to dimensions that are different than its standing and crouching dimensions.

Basically what I'm needing is a prone-like mode that has its own bounding box dimensions. I can't use the crouch bounding box because reasons I don't want to get into (mostly-secret project).

This isn't critical to the functionality of what I'm working on, but it would be pretty cool to have and it would be pretty useful for some things.

Any thoughts?

Off Topic / It's LegoBlockoLadManiac's bday!!!
« on: August 16, 2017, 01:53:45 PM »
This lad here:;u=151907

so post pictures of legos for him or sometihng iduno

or dinos

or lego dinos for bonus points

Modification Help / What image/mount slot are the pain effects mounted to?
« on: December 26, 2016, 06:05:30 PM »
Does anyone know offhand which image SLOT (not node) the default pain effects are mounted to?
I suppose I could go find out myself, but it would save me  bit of time if anyone who already knows just share the info here, and it would be helpful to future content creators.


EDIT: Also, to clarify for those who do not know, there are eight mount slots (numbered 0 to 7 0 to 3, in Blockland), and 32 mount nodes (numbed 0 to 31). The mount slots act as sort of a virtual list system, and you can only have up to eight four weapons (ie. images) mounted to a playertype at any given time.

The mount nodes are points in the playertype model (I've only ever defined them through bones in the playertype's skeleton) at which items can be mounted to.

Off Topic / Guys it's my bday gimme stuff
« on: May 06, 2016, 12:44:29 PM »

As of today I am somehow 22 year of old

gimme the following:

-candy bars
-money for candy bars
-candy bars
-steem games

also post pictures of mech and dragons because those are c00l

Games / Anyone want a 50% off Sanctum Steam coupon?
« on: February 23, 2016, 09:38:50 PM »
So I got a -50% Steam coupon for Sanctum from crafting a badge a week ago. I totally forgot about the thing, and now it only has like a day left until it expires.

Anyone want it?

Modification Help / "BlobChunkEvent::process - No blob found!" Error
« on: January 07, 2016, 10:53:54 PM »
I'm working on a relatively simple item/weapon, and during the datablock phase of loading a server, this error shows up, and the load freezes:

Code: [Select]
ERROR: BlobChunkEvent::unpack - bitstream read failed
BlobChunkEvent::process - No blob found!

I have never encountered this error before, and have virtually no idea what it means.
I've checked over my code numerous times and have found nothing wrong with it, and my model is also fine as far as I can tell.

If anyone can shed some light on what this error means, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Add-Ons / Bot_Mutalid (By Hydralisk and ArmyUnit)
« on: September 05, 2015, 06:47:41 PM »
The Mutalid


-Custom model, animations, sounds, and icons
-Includes Mclaw (Mutalid Claw) weapon
-Bot spawns in several different colors, and uses the Mclaw weapon

Changelog since the RTB version:

Code: [Select]
-Ported the playertype over to the default bot system, and removed reliance on the old Gamemode_Zombie mod.

-Fixed all lighting issues.
-Removed double-sided rendering on the model (potential performance improvement if many Mutalids are present)
-Removed a few unneeded vertices and faces in the model
-Fixed rotation of mount points in hands
-Added mount2 (chest) and mount5 (head) points

-Fixed animation issues caused by attack animations.
-Fixed the head-side animation facing the incorrect direction.
-Fixed several minor animation issues
-Added back and side movement animations

-Fixed incorrect bounding-box shape (fixes getting stuck in some areas).
-Increased number of inventory slots from 1 to 5. (This is mainly for convenience)
-Fixed the first letter of the UI name not being capitalized.

-Cleaned up some redundant code found within the mutalid claw weapon.




-Hydralisk: project lead, model, script
-ArmyUnit: animations, model cleanup, polish, dying during testing

I think Yndaaa also had a hand in some of the animations (initial version of the run animation especially), but it's been so long since I last worked on this, so I can't remember for certain if this is true.

Add-Ons / The MAS Inc. and Bug Mods (MAS aircraft balance update)
« on: January 01, 2015, 01:50:32 AM »
(see second post for bug mods)




-Fires a constant stream of electricity
-Short range
==New since RTB version:==
-Deals medium/low damage to most targets
-Deals high damage to small bugs
-Deals very little damage to large bugs
-Has slight auto-aiming capabilities (about 10-15 degree angle of auto-aiming)
-Comes with an onPowered event, which allows the bug zapper to be utilized as a key or tool for contraptions
-The Bug zapper will lock into the brick that it is powering
-Will not fire if the user is mostly submerged in water. Instead will cause damage to the user and nearby enemies


-Very rarely, the bug zapper will lock into a random brick. Simply stop firing for a moment to get around this issue.


-ArmyUnit: model, weapon code, icons
-Lordician: auto-aiming system, events, advanced code work




-Very high damage per missile
-Long reload time
-Missiles have medium to slow flight speed, and are somewhat effected by gravity
-Can not easily be used for rocket jumping (You will probably kill yourself)

--Update 5/1/2015:
-Fixed MAS logo texture being off-center and stretched (might still be slightly off-center, but overall is much better).

--Initial changes since RTB Version:
-Adjusted explosion (Reduced damage and radius)
-Increased missile flight speed slightly
-Increased re-fire time slightly


-ArmyUnit: model, code, icons, sound editing

Alternate link:



-Fires bouncing orbs of energy
-Medium fire-rate and range
-Orbs have moderate flight speed
-Orbs can rebound back and damage the user
-Orbs create small explosions when rebounding
-Orbs do not rebound off players, but instead explodes


-ArmyUnit: model, code, icons, sounds


Weapon_HHF (Hand Held Flammer)


-Fires a constant stream of flames
-Moderate damage
-Short range
-User can be damaged by the flames if they fire at point blank range (you have to be nearly touching what is in front of you)


-Kevin: original concept, model, code
-ArmyUnit: balance adjustments, optimizations, minor polish




-Must be fully charged to fire
-Charge level is shown on the weapon's display screen, and is also indicated by a change in sounds and emitters
-Deals incredible damage
-Shot is raycasted for a medium-long distance, and then becomes a slower moving projectile that is effected by gravity
-Little reload time after the shot (the charge time acts as the reload time)
-Pushes the user backwards somewhat when fired
-Accuracy is decreased while you are moving

--Update 6/21/2015:
-Updated the Support_RaycastingWeapons.cs file to include the fixes requested in this thread.
NOTE: The current version of of the Weapon_Rail_Rifle that is floating around Greek2Me's auto-update service does not function as intended. The original version of this weapon used a modified version of SpaceGuy's Support_raycasting script, and whoever preformed the original fix apparently did not notice this and simply overwrote the custom support file with the fixed version of the normal support script.


-ArmyUnit: model, small amount of code, icons, some sounds
-Lordician: implementing and improving the support_raycast system





-Contains three bots: Security Scarab-Wasp, Anti-Riot Scarab-Wasp, Proto Scarab-Wasp
-The Standard Scarab-Wasp playertype is spawned from vehicle bricks
-All bots are friendly to blockheads/humans
-Scarab-Wasps move at a decent rate, and have moderate amounts of health
-When playing as the Security or Anti-Riot Scarab-Wasps, the related weapons are automatically placed into your first inventory slot (I will likely remove this behavior)


-ArmyUnit: most everything I think.
-Lordician: PermaItem code, and probably general fixing and assistance



Vehicle_MAS_Gunship (alpha version):


-Moderate speed, agility, and health
-Fires all four miniguns and both rocket launchers
-Fancy explosion effects
-Rotor sounds and animations
-Utilizes HeightControl

--Update 10/16/2015:
-Reduced direct damage of miniguns from 20 to 15
-Reduced flight speed of rockets from 180 to 160
-Increased refire time of rockets from 600 to 900
-Increase health from 250 to 300


-ArmyUnit: Most everything




-High speed, decent agility, and health
-Armed with four Proto Plasma cannons
-Rotor sounds and animations
-Wings animate slightly when turning
-Fancy explosion effects
-Utilizes HeightControl

--Update 10/16/2015:
-Tightened controls and increased turn rates in all directions
-Enabled direct damage protection for pilot
-Reduced final vehicle explosion radius from 18 to 10
-Reduced radius and damage of projectile explosion (Radius from 6 to 4.5)(Damage from 20 to 5)
-Increased direct damage of projectile slightly (15 to 18)


-ArmyUnit: Most everything




-Very high speed and agility, but very little health
-Very small
-Armed with four machine guns
-Kinda fancy explosion effects

--Update 10/16/2015:
-Tightened controls
-Increased forward speed, and greatly increased reverse speed
-Reduced pitch rate (from 20000 to 18000)
-Increased health from 20 to 35
-Increased bullet damage from 8 to 10


-ArmyUnit: Most everything




-Slow and large, with poor maneuverability
-Decent health
-Carries six troops, along with the pilot
-Rotor sounds and animations
-Fancy explosion effects
-Utilizes HeightControl


-ArmyUnit: Most everything



Required for all MAS aircraft except for the Swarm Fighter. Adds vertical take-off and landing capabilities (Hold jump to ascend, hold crouch to descend).

All credit goes to the amazing Lordician



-ArmyUnit: Project lead, most modeling, animations, basic scripting
-Lordician: Co-project lead, advanced scripting, being awesome in general, zombie
-Kevin: Modeler
-Hanhan13: Assistant tester
-LegoLad: Assistant tester being the Dino King

-And everyone who has played on my beta testing servers!


Currently contains:
(Notes: all weapons/attacks/items are of course normal items, and are currently not "embedded" within their associated playertype.)
(Completion percentages take into consideration the playertype's completion, as well as the completion of all of the associated weapons/attacks/abilities of that playertype.)

==Ice Elementals==
All Ice elemental are weak to impacts, and they generally have a large energy pool, but with low energy regeneration. They sport a mix of rapid fire and burst damage attacks.

--Glisten: -- Roughly 40% complete

-A hard-hitting elemental. She can take an immense amount of damage, and she also regenerates health slowly if no damage is dealt to her after some amount of time. She has a large energy pool, allowing her to launch her ice attacks for an extended amount of time. However, she is slow and ground-bound, leaving her vulnerable to attacks from the air.

--Current attacks--

-Slash Attack: A reliable melee attack. Consumes no energy and deals moderate damage, but of course has a limited range.

-Ice Shards: Glisten's (current) main form of attack. Fires shards of ice at a moderate speed with a relatively low energy drain. Each shard deals somewhat low damage, but knocks back it's target slightly, and shakes their screen. Has a small charge up time.

-Ice Spear: Currently Glisten's heaviest attack. Launches a single large, long-ranged, spike of ice, that deals immense damage. Has a longer charge up time than the Ice Shards, and consumes much more energy.

--Current minions--

--Ice Dragonfly: -- 70% complete

-A small elemental that can fly moderately well. Has a low amount of health. These things are terrible on their own, and function best in a fire-support (ice-support?) role.

--Current attacks--

-Ice Bombs: After a short charge up time, launches several bombs downward. These bombs do not explode on impact, but instead explode after their duration expires. Each bomb had a moderate area-of-effect, and deals low damage. Consumes a low amount of energy and has a quick refire time.

--Iceus: -- Roughly 50% complete

-A flying elemental that resembles a wasp of sorts. He is more fragile than Glisten, but much faster. He has a smaller energy pool than Glisten, but slightly higher energy regeneration. Iceus also regenerate health slowly.

--Current attacks--

-Ice Rocket: Launches a mid-sized ice projectile that sticks to the ground on impact. Once the projectile's "lifetime" depletes, it will create a very large explosion that deals moderate damage. Though difficult to use, it can soften a large amount of targets quickly. Consumes a moderate amount of energy.

-Ice Boost: After a short charge up time, boosts Iceus forward (hold down the mouse button to properly use) Constantly drains energy at a moderate rate. Currently, this is only a maneuverability item, but eventually I plan make it a deadly attack.

(For now I suggest including Glisten's Ice Shards in Iceus' weapon set. He will get more attacks at a later date, including a complex melee attack.)

==Energy Elementals==
All Energy Elementals are moderately weak to impacts, but not as drastically as the Ice Elementals. Energy Elementals have very high energy regeneration, but often deplete their energy quickly from attacking. They rely mostly on rapid-fire attacks, but they do have some burst attacks. They have no "normal" melee attacks, but they can create short-medium blasts of energy for close range combat.

--Shimmer: -- About 30% complete

-A ground-bound elemental. Shimmer is similar to Glisten in many ways, but she has no health regeneration. She deals damage faster than Glisten, but has less health.

--Current attacks--

-Energy Dart Gatling: Rapidly fires energy darts. Deals strong damage if you can consistently hit your target. Moderate energy drain.

-Charged Energy Blast: A melee-like attack that deals somewhat high damage. High energy drain. (Currently does not work very well)

--Current minions--

--Holo-Wasp: (will be renamed eventually) -- About 20% complete

-Holo-Wasps are supportive minions. Eventually they will gain healing and energy regeneration abilities.

--Current attacks--

-Energy Dart: Deals moderate damage. Has a low rate of fire, and low energy consumption.

--Solar: -- About 50% complete

-Solar is a large, flying elemental. She has incredibly powerful attacks, and a large amount of health as well. She is quite slow for a flying elemental, but that does not matter when she has the power of a star at her disposal.

--Current attacks--

-Solar Storm: Essentially the Energy Elemental's rendition of a minigun. Deals lower damage at long ranges because of the spread, but will melt anything at shorter distances. Moderate-low energy drain.

-Solar Flare: This attack functions as Solar's primary means of attack at longer ranges. Deals high damage, with a medium fire rate. Consumes a moderate amount of energy per shot.

-Solar Boost: Allows Solar to fly. The energy drain is so low that it does not reduce Solar's energy, only slows her energy regeneration.

--Current minions--

--Solar Drone: -- 70% complete

These function as protection and scouts for Solar. They are very fragile, but also very fast. Eventually they will be able to mount onto Solar, where they will be able to function as turrets while gaining health regeneration.

--Current attacks--

-Solar Drone Boost: Works almost like a teleport ability. Launches the drone forward at incredible speed, but then partially stops the drone after a short amount of time. Requires all of the drone's energy to use.

(Give the Drone the holo-wasp's dart attack for now, or even Shimmer's Gatling dart attack)

More images:




-Added isChargeWeapon to weapons that require charging. This will help bots to use the weapons correctly.
-KNOWN ISSUE: Bots do not properly aim vertically while charging a weapon (seems to be an issue with the default bot system, not the elemental mod)


(Please read this page from DataProxy's boss topic for some context behind these changes.)

   -Fixed UI name not being capitalized in menus.

   -Fixed UI name not being capitalized in menus.

-Solar Flare:
   -Reduced directed damage to 40 down from 50.
   -Reduced radius damage to 50 down from 80.
   -Increased projectile lifetime to 8000 up from 6000.

   -Increased energy regen rate to 0.65 up from 0.55.

-Glisten Ice Shards:
   -Reduced direct damage to 3.5 down from 5.5.
   -Reduced radius damage to 3 down from 5.
   -Increased energy drain to 5.5 up from 5 (this is to compensate for Glisten's energy regeneration increase).

-Glisten Ice Spear:
   -Reduced energy cost to 150 down from 200.


-Most everything was created by ArmyUnit
-Health regeneration system created by Boost

Some info:

-Please be aware that this mod IS NOT currently my main focus, and I have IRL things to deal with. Updates will not happen often.

-Please be careful when using these in your own minigame. They have been designed to be used as bosses, and so are very powerful (even some of the minions are powerful). I am not responsible for any unpleasant experiences that you may have if the host has poor balancing skills, or abuses the power of these playertypes.

-These playertypes would be pretty cool for the following minigames:
  -Boss battles
  -Medieval RPGs
  -Elemental TDMs
  -Arial TDMs, or maybe even air races (for the flying elementals, of course)
  -Or anything else cool that you can think of (no family rps pls)

-I might do fire elementals, rock/sand/glass elementals, and lightning

-Press "ShiftBrickAway" and "PlantBrick" as Iceus to see some currently unused attack animations.

-The Holo-Wasps were originally red colored, and were the enemies of a small game that I made in Blender3D for a college project.

-Iceus is the only non-evil Elemental so far, though Solar often is not aggressive. Glisten hates all things fire (especially dragons), and Shimmer wants to destroy all non-energy beings. (This is just lore btw)

-Shimmer, Solar, The Solar Drone, and the Ice Dragonfly all have idle animations (that work most of the time). All of the elementals will also get idle animations eventually.

Add-Ons / The Dragon Mods
« on: October 11, 2014, 02:15:21 AM »

Includes the following:

-The Air Dragon: A dragon with powerful wings but no legs. Slow on the ground, but can fly quite well.

-The Land Dragon: A dragon with no wings, but has powerful claw attacks and a greater fire capacity.

-Dragon Fireball: The most reliable of the fire attacks. Slow fire rate but administers high damage with a small AoE.

-Dragon Fire breath: Close ranged attack. Not the best damage, but is very energy/fire efficient.

-Dragon Fire Barrage: Launches several fireballs at once. Deals crazy damage but has a very low rate of fire, and consumes a large amount of energy.

-Dragon Fire Blaze: Functions similar to the fire breath attack, but instead deals much more damage in a much wider cone in front of you, at the cost of a much greater energy drain rate.

-Land Dragon Claws: Reliable and power melee attack (currently still bound to the Land dragon. I plan to change this at a later date).


-All fire attacks use some of the player's energy when firing.
-All weapons and items appear as D - [WEAPONNAME] in the item list.

Known Issues:

-Switching a minigame's playertype from the Air Dragon to the Land dragon will cause the Land dragon's animations to not player correctly.
Reset the minigame or kill yourself (in the game, not real-life) to fix this issue.
-The Air Dragon occasionally has minor animation blending issues when flying.

More images (click for larger):


Alternate mediafire link:


-Hydralisk: Models, project lead
-ArmyUnit: Animations, model adjustments, playertype code, weapon tuning
-Lordician: Flying script, fire weapons, scripting assistance


Includes the following:

-The Swift Dragon: A dragon that is very adept for running at high speeds, but can not fly well.

-Dragon Fire Dart: The weakest of all the fire attacks, but has no charge up time like the other attacks, and is very energy/fire efficient.

-Swift Dragon Bite: A fast melee attack which deals a medium-low amount of damage.

-Swift Dragon Wing Slash: A slower melee attack, but deals more damage and some knock-back.

-Swift Dragon Boost: Allows Swift Dragons to launch themselves forward at high speed.


-All Swift Dragon specific weapons and items appear as D-S- [WEAPONNAME] in the item list.
-The Dragon Fire Dart uses the same naming convention as the fire weapons from the main dragons mod.

Known Issues:

-Some minor animation blending issues occur under certain conditions, mostly while flying or boosting.
-When changing a player or bot from the default playertype (or any playertype that uses the default player model) to the Swift dragon, the player/bot will appear to be mostly if not completely invisible. This does not occur for all cases, for example, using events to change the player (with the default model) to the Swift dragon will not cause the issue. The most common cases of this issue are as follows:
>Changing a bot (default model) to the Swift dragon through bot spawn events.
>Creating a Slayer minigame with the non-team playertype set to a playertype that uses the default player model, while setting a team's playertype to the Swift dragon.


Code: (1/12/2015) [Select]
-Removed unnecessary requirement/force-load of Player_Dragons.

More images (click for larger):


Alternate mediafire link:

-ArmyUnit: model, animations, playertype code, weapon and item code
-Lordician: Flying script, scripting assistance

Off Topic / Looking to buy a headset. Any advice?
« on: April 10, 2013, 03:35:15 AM »
My current headset is dieing early so obviously I am looking to buy a new one.

Any suggestions? I need a headset with a decent mic, and I'd prefer it to not have a clumsy control box half way along the cord. Above all something that lasts more than a freak'n year.
I am willing to pay $60-$100 for one, assuming the thing lasts.

Aaaand yes I understand I made a horrible bad mistake in ever buying a turtle beach headset. That is not the point of this thread, so please don't mention it. >_>

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