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Off Topic / What To Spend Money On?
« on: May 06, 2011, 01:00:08 PM »
So I'v just gone for my first Talent Agency audition thing, and FINALLY after 24 pizzas waisted, completed that Pizza Hut advert I was telling you guys about. So once Sam gave me my check for £900, I was jumping up and down. Expect, I don't know what to spend it on now....Any ideas?

Off Topic / Re: How Do I Make A Blockland/Youtube Video? - Thread
« on: May 06, 2011, 11:22:04 AM »
So how's that movie you're starring in going?
Good thanks, I'v been put into the final three

Off Topic / Re: Zelda Timeline Theory 2011
« on: May 06, 2011, 10:25:59 AM »
A reason why Minish Cap can NOT go first in the timeline is...Because the Master Sword was destroyed in that game, so if it was first, how come the Master Sword can be seen in later games...? Because it was resurrected that was certain according to Nintendo. God everyone thinks just because he got his hat it goes first. Can I remind you that the hat is a tradition of the Kokeri Forest

Off Topic / Re: How Do I Make A Blockland/Youtube Video? - Thread
« on: May 06, 2011, 09:51:10 AM »
wow this sure did help. no more actors dying from lightning for me.

this is also very poorly written.

Meh, it was only to help people. Anyway I'm not the greatest writer you will find

Off Topic / How Do I Make A Blockland/Youtube Video? - Thread
« on: May 06, 2011, 09:47:09 AM »
Recently on my Youtube Channel, I'v had a lot of messages on "How Do I Make A Youtube Video?"
Since I'v had many of these I'v given up and made a thread about it, this topic is how to make a BLOCKLAND video, here is a list of what problems, loads of people have had:
  • Lighting Problems
  • What Video Editing Program do I use?
  • What should I make it about?
  • How do I avoid boring my viewers?
  • Where can I get add ons that fit in with the movie (example: Darth Vader Helmet for Star Wars)
Now first before I start, if you give up really easy at things, then don't bother reading this, (trust me, its amazing how many people come to me asking for help, then give up the first 5 minutes on their video)

Now lets start!

1. What editing program should I use?
Well its really your choice, the one I use is Windows Movie Maker, the main reason is I'm too cheap to get a better one, its a good program, on average Editing Programs can be over a hundred dollars/pounds, but there are cheaper ones. Free ones that are GOOD, are very hard to find.

2. What program should I use to film?  
The one I use is Fraps. Its a good program you can use to film Youtube videos and gaming, however there can be better ones. Fraps is free, but if you want the full version you have to pay, unless you go online to download it. Otherwise apart from Fraps look around the internet, is the only advise I can give you.

3. For Blockland Movies, How Do I Get Add Ons That Fit?
What I mean by this is, Add ons that you might need for a movie, like a gun or outfit. Well honestly myself, I just get them on the Forums or make a few of my own. Thats what I'm guessing you should do, if you don't know how to make Add ons, look online, NOT always people post Add Ons for Blockland on this forum. Otherwise try to work away around it.

4. Actors and "Acting" itself?
For Blockland videos you hardly need any skills for acting, however the real hard part is finding people to star in your movie. The best way is to make a forum post saying you need people, or you could go around Blockland servers asking. To be an "actor" on Blockland, the only skill you need is Communication, especially with the Director. Half the time when I film and people don't listen I go crazy.

5. Being a Director?  
For this it takes far more skill, than an actor. You got to know what you want, and you need to know how to explain it! If you don't think you can take the time, write a script and then give everyone in the movie the link to it. Another thing when filming is, the chat bar. Now especially with Fraps, when your filming if someone speaks it shows up on it, and gets in the way with the movie. You have to make this clear to everyone OR just turn the chat bar off.

Now coming from someone like me, IT IS HARD! So many things can go wrong, trust me I know. If your gonna give up, try a few of these things first:
  • Try to think of your idol, or something...Think what they would say if you gave up.
  • TAKE A BREAK! Its very amazing how fast you can get over it and continue

7. Editing your movie
Now for me this is the fun part, put your filmed movie parts in your Editing Program and EDIT AWAY. For your movie you SHOULD HAVE music in it that goes. Never leave a movie without sound, its sounds dull and stupid. Effects, can be found in most Movie Editing Programs, you should be able to mirror it, turn it black and white, speed it up, slow it down!

8. What to make it about?
This is very important, the most interesting thing I'd say to make a Blockland video about, is a rein actment of a movie, comedy is very good. Also action can be AWESOME to watch. Its up to you

9. Youtube itself...
Here is the most easy part of the entire topic, all you need is a Youtube account, which you can sign up for easy. Now just click upload! You should DEFINITELY add a description, so people know what they are watching. Also the TITLE! Thats a very important part, it needs to sound interesting, maybe you could advertise research in it, that attracts loads of people! :D

So there you have it folks! If you have a question, please comment.

Off Topic / Re: Zelda Timeline Official 2011
« on: May 05, 2011, 04:59:52 PM »
Wind waker, The whole world is flooded.
That has to be the end yes?

And minish cap is the beginning, Because it's how he got the legendary hat.

OMG everyone saids that, but it isnt true. Link just has always had that hat. Also through Zelda there are differant Links. So he is going to have differant hats. Plus the hat is Korkerian

Off Topic / Re: Zelda Timeline Official 2011
« on: May 05, 2011, 02:45:46 PM »
Official my ass bro

good theory but it would take me a long tl;dr to explain certain areas why its false

Welcome to how long it took me to WRITE THIS

Off Topic / Zelda Timeline Theory 2011
« on: May 05, 2011, 02:40:04 PM »
ZELDA! One of the most classic and greatest games known to the world. But as there were so many of them what order do they go in :O.
Don't worry s, here is a timeline. According to Nintendo this is the most closest one.
Now at the beginning the three goddess created Hyrule and left behind the Triforce, afterwards a HUGE war breaks out on who should get it. During an attack a mother flees into the Forest with her baby and then dies, of course the baby is Link and the Deku Tree looks after him.

Ocarina Of Time
(Now this game has two endings, because of the two different ages Links, Adult and Child)
(Centuries after) A Link To The Past
(Afterwards he gets teleported to 2 different Worlds which are)
Oracle Of The Seasons
Oracled Of The Ages (Ganon The Beast Form is now killed on this side of Timeline)
(Now centuries again afterwards, Ganondorf the Human Form has the power to return to Hyrule, now the
gods stop him by flooding the entire Kingdom, and this begins)
Wind Waker (Ganondorf is also killed in this)
Phantom HourGlass
Spirit Tracks (Now the Deku Tree in Wind Waker said his children would create Forests with their seeds to make all the islands one piece of land, clearly he was successfull)
(After Spirit Tracks, Link goes out to sea and gets caught in a storm, and this game is)
Links Awakening (After he awakens the wind fish, this ends the Child Timeline)


Now going back to Ocarina Of Time, adult link goes to warn Zelda, that Ganondorf is going to try and take over Hyrule, for this he gets executed, but the sages were unsuccessful and he gets sealed into the Twilight Realm, watch this for that information
(During the execution happens, Link trys to find Navi his fairy, by searching in the Forest)
Majoras Mask (Now after the game, Link goes back into the forest but later dies as a Skull Kid and turns into that Sword Guy in Twilight Princess that teaches you the skills, its clear because he has the same weaponry as Majoras Mask Link)
Twilight Princess (Ganondorf the Human is killed in this)
Minish Cap (In this game the Master Sword is destroyed and remade as Four Swords)
Four Swords (In this Ganon the beast is sealed into the Four Sword)
(Decades later Ganon escapes, and a new Link has to save the princess, this game is the ORGINAL)
Legend Of Zelda (Ganon the beast is NOW KILLED with the Silver Arrow)
Legend Of Zelda 2 (In this Ganon's followers try to resurrect him, but are unsuccessful)

And that ends the ADULT TIMELINE!

And for this the timeline is complete! Please comment, and share your opinions, and yes I'm a Zelda nerd.

Off Topic / Re: Is this illegal?
« on: May 05, 2011, 01:37:09 PM »
1. No not a whole movie just a scene
2. When I say film it, I'll put the disk into my computer, then it auto launches this Computer Watch Film thing. And I just found out that you can film Youtube Videos and other vids on your computer. So I'm gonna try record it from my Video Player Computer Program. Because I haven't got an AVI file of the scene

Off Topic / Re: stuff that gets you mad
« on: May 05, 2011, 01:33:44 PM »
I'm on a Blockland challenge and when I fail and about to fall on to my death, I fall on the checkpoint of the first level. DAMN YOU CHECKPOINTS!

Off Topic / Is this illegal?
« on: May 05, 2011, 01:32:12 PM »
So for my new acting agency thing, I'm do a course about internet filming and other stuff. Now is it illegal to film with Fraps a movie that I put the disk into my computer and filmed it from Windows Media Player. Cause' I'm gonna put it on youtube, but just checking.
Answers please!
Also even though I have enemies on Blockland, please don't be uncool by telling me it isn't and then I get the
cops coming around my house at 2am

General Discussion / Re: Blockter Who Series - Thread
« on: May 02, 2011, 06:42:39 AM »
Also another thing, the outside of the TAPIS does yes look a bit spammy, but if you looked at the link the inside is very technical and cozy

General Discussion / Re: Blockter Who Series - Thread
« on: May 02, 2011, 06:41:19 AM »
Ok questions:
1. The TAPIS is a time machine LIKE the TARDIS, it stands for Time And Place In Space
2. The blue button isn't blue its a rainbow button.
3. I have got a script for the other episodes, but I'm not going to tell you
4. The BLOCKter is just a joke you could say of the Doctor, it rhymes and sounds good
5. The BLOCK is in a lot of move titles, so people know its Blockland
6. It won't fail, since its the first long series film on Blockland
7. I'v already completed it, so NO WAY IN HELL could I fail since its already done
8. If your not a Doctor Who fan or a Sci Fi fan GTFO

Off Topic / Whats Your Destiny?
« on: May 01, 2011, 05:06:39 PM »
OK so just another kind of game thing, all you have to do is to say what you THINK your destiny is. I'm not saying that I believe in destiny or that you should. OK I think that my destiny is to become an actor.

Off Topic / Blockter Who Series - Thread
« on: May 01, 2011, 03:13:00 PM »
At last! After months of preparation, hard work and editing, its finally paid off! The upcoming series of Blockter Who, which will first air on the 28th of May 2011, has finally been completed.
The hole series comes up to about 12 episodes.
3 of which are 2 part stories.
And the rest are 1 part episodes.

Plot: Blockter Who is the new Blockland Sci Fi series, in which a man travels through time in his time machine called the TAPIS (Time And Place In Space) along the way he picks up companions and travels throughout the universe. He also comes across many evil monsters.
All the info of this is posted on this thread, so lets get started!

Main Cast:
The Blockter
Sarah (Companion)
James (Co - Companion, first appears in episode 4)

Enemy and ally monsters:
Tank (Actual zombie bot)
Cybermen will make an appearance
The Castrov
Zant (The Pandorica King)
Many more which are TBA

1. War On Castrovalva
2. Return to The Pandorica
3. The Megatron
4. Secret Of Beta City
5. (Continued From Episode 4) Secrets Discovered
6. The Caves Of Mondas
7. Metal Conversion
8. The Planet That Time Forgot
9. (Continued From Episode 8) One Way
10. The Black Void
11. Peril In Egypt
12. Continued From Episode 11) Remembrance

I'v redesigned the Blockters Time Machine, its alot better now,
here are the pictures:

The Episodes
All episodes will be posted on youtube, if they aren't I'll let you guys know

The Blockter
This new Blockter, is a kind of crazy one, I wanted to design him so he wasn't like the others I'v done. This Blockter wears the clothes that of the 6th Doctor Colin Baker wore.

Companion photos will be added

Plot for first episode: War On Castrovalva SPOILERS:
The Blockter and Sarah landed in the throne room of some castle, when after exploring they are captured by some human looking aliens. The capturers bring The Blockter and Sarah to their, what seems to be king. After a discussion, it turns out they have landed on the planet Castrovalva, and for centuries there has been a never lasting war. The Blockter and Sarah do whatever they can to end it!

Please comment on your thoughts of this
Also sorry I double posted this only just relised

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