Author Topic: Zombies won't stop respawning!!!!!  (Read 510 times)

I know that zombies are supposed to spawn when they die, but it gets pretty annoying when my team kills a tank in a narrow halway and he keeps respawning. How do you make it so that the zombies don't respawn when you kill them in a minigame, but when you end it, they don't disappear forever? I'm doing a small experimental build before i start the real deal as a test, but if i don't fix this problemo, i'll never be able to build it! Seems noones even came across this problem and posted it.(Aside from the fact that i've gotten pissed off from looking for it in a sea of complaints and help topics.) If you know how to fix this, by all means, do it. If you know a topic thats like mine, by all means POST IT.