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This is my first ever map and its a Construct Edit. This isn't a fail like my other Add-On edit that i didn't even bother to touch the coding. This time i did and i thought i would make this. If by any chance putting the ZIP file in the Add-Ons folder didn't work than unzip it and take the unzipped version of the file and place it in the Add-Ons Folder.
BTW when i made a forum account i named it Hell Bird cause i was a stupid noob so im really Fallen but my forum name is Hell Bird.
Pics (Not really needed but for all you "no pix no clix guys":
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sry but someone on rtb already made this

Do I like? No.<----- Can you read without Quoting?

Do I like? No.<----- Can you read without Quoting?
Good map.
Yes I can

Its just too.......
All I need is construct for Happy builds (LOL - Couldn't think of a better word choice >.<)
And Destruct for builds at night or zombie stuff...
I'm sorry I just don't like this......................... .....

This would actually be good for noirish builds and art videos. If you don't know what I mean by art I mean the ones that deal with life and make you think about things in another way.

Reminds me of Lego Digital Designer.

Edit: Can't download, Mediafire won't let me download.
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 I have rtb's digital designer.

I have rtb's digital designer.

Gimme, I can't download this.

Edit: Please? :D

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I have rtb's digital designer.
Ya, digital designer is so much better.