Author Topic: how do i make vehicles?  (Read 4957 times)

i have an idea for a vehicle, but i dont know how to make them, i know how to model in milkshape but i don't know how to make the place where where the guy sits and stuff.
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You use Joints and rename them hub0, hub1, hub2, hub3 for the wheels doesn't matter which order they go as long as the Front of the Vehicle is pointing the same way as the purple Line.

For the Player mount points you name the Joint: mount0 and mount1 for the second set and so on.

So basicly:

thanks packer, but, what purple line?

I think he means the one you see in milkshape.

I think he means the one you see in milkshape.
No the one in Blender. Ov-Course Milkshape :D

He is using milkshape fool.

He is using sarcasm fool.

Packer never struck me as witty.

Or an amazing speller off course.

How do you make joints in milkshape i tried it but they always connect its freaking weird

Every time you place a Join you have to unselect it so they don't connect!

So basicly you just press joint click where ever then click Select then Click on a empty space on the screen.

sorry for the big bump

i did that and edited the legobase.cs script and whenever i try to spawn it my RTB crashes >:( HELP!

well ofcourse it does. YOU USED THE LEGOBASE SCRIPT! Use the ATV one.