Author Topic: What do all these variables do?  (Read 2903 times)

So I'm trying to make custom light effects. Simple lights are easy enough. But animated lights have some weird things, and I've got no clue what they do.

   SingleColorKeys   = true;
   RedKeys         = "AAAAAAA";
   GreenKeys      = "DHSFJYJ";
   BlueKeys      = "ZZZZZZZ";
   BrightnessKeys   = "AZQZFZA";
   RadiusKeys      = "AZAAAAA";
   OffsetKeys      = "AZAAAAA";
   RotationKeys   = "AZAAAAA";

What does all this mean?

Also, something called rotation appears. What is this rotation of? The light? The particle?

Finally, all time is measured in seconds, correct? So 0.50 is half a second?

1000 = 1 second. 500 = half a second.

Hasn't been 12 hours yet, but it will be a while before I can bump this again, so hopefully it won't get swept away in the night.


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The letters are animation keys. 
A = Off
Z = Full intensity

RedKeys = "AZAZAZA";
means blink the red value on and off.  It's a little finicky so you just have to experiment

1000 = 1 second. 500 = half a second.
Are you sure, I think thats for timers, which work based on PC speed.

So if you made it:
It would slowly go from dark to light?