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Mine addition-

you took my pic off, y?

This topic is as dead as AiO-r :P

I may make a new addition though

lol k and ty 4 puting back my pic

If you want you can stretch mine to 50 x 50 pixels and put it in..
(Talking about the avatar)

I'm too lazy to do this, but feel free to continue it. I might continue it if I feel creative... Sorry...

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Merry Cristmas i Updated it for ya

I'll add tommorow.
FlyGuy, I'm gonna change yours since I have to all the work =D
Ima make it look like the Mac letters, ie shade it and add a bumpmap.


How did half of my stuff get wiped?


you edit it, neozuki died 1991 - 2007

DarkChef, you messed it up when you updated it. I had to move some panes because they didn't line up and repair the edges of some.
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mine never got added.