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Okay, so I decided to port over this here crossbow from RTB, althought I've modded it so it works like the Hookshot from Zelda. Worked perfect when I played it in RTB. It works almost flawlessly, and is still a bit incomplete, but theres one major problem that keeps occuring: someone joins, plays around with it just fine. They leave, then rejoin, then start getting invalid packets and are unable to spawn at all. A tester for me said the error was something like (Invalid Packet:1). I have pretty much no experience with invalid packets, so I decided to post for help. Link  to the uncompleted Hookshot. Readme included. (Don't use it for playing on your server, just test it, as the error I mentioned will probably happen)

Invalid packets are magick...

1. Check everything in the code. I don't care if you already have.
3. If the error is still not working, reply.

1. I tried checking and comparing with the Bow script, and added a bit and took a bit out...nope. I also replaces the "~/shapes/bla" Stuff with "./shapes/bla".
2. Err, ok. Tried that. The entire three new files are in correct places...I think.

And I have absolutely no expirience with scripting weapons, except sometimes adding stuff to collisions and firing. So the only thing I really know is the structure.

I know what's making it give invalid packet.

In the shapename places, you have it as "~/shapes/crossbow.dts" instead of "./shapes/crossbow.dts"

Fix that and it should work.

I also replaced the "~/shapes/bla" Stuff with "./shapes/bla".

I'll attatch the new cs file (I also made it use the bow textures). And it runs fine for me, it's just the connection problems I mentioned...
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