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i havent played rtb for a long time and i for got how to write in diffrent colours plz tell me

in rtb
you have to have a mod to do that

Or theres this

Hit ~ for console, then type in commandtoserver("messagesent','\c#MESSAGE HERE');

Mess with these and see what color they do, i forget...

Theres 8 colors and they don't work on retail. V0002 is no longer supported.


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In retail, you can't talk in different colors without modifying the server. 

However, from the server, you can send messages in any RGB color using the hex value like so
Code: [Select]
messageAll('', "<color:FF00FF>This is magenta text");
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Cool, i know how to do those colors from messing with the colors on my forum XD

0000FF = Blue
00FF00 = Green
FF0000 = Red
000000 = Black
FFFFFF = White
FF00FF = Magenta
00FFFF = Light Blue
FFFF00 = Yellow (i think)

Tons of numbers and letters to experiment with :P