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Author Topic: ShoGuns Building Clan  (Read 489 times)

When We Build, Its For Inspiration And Opportunity, Not For Unknown Reasons. 

I Have Realized My Ways On The Forums, I am Sorry, i Had no idea i was being some stuck up Jerk who Thought He Knew Everything that has ever happened. But, That Time is Over, Now, Its to Begin Anew. I Would Like To Start Bye Recruiting Some People, A Minimal Of 3 And a Maximal Of 10.

We Do DM's And ZAPT Maps.

If You Would Like To Join, Please Post Or Send Me A MSG.


Alkatjo, you need a better layout.

You Can, Find My Server Later.

Well, Yes And No, You have to show me a build of importance to me, and ill let you join, that is if it is good. But no worry's im a nice guy.