Author Topic: RBL quits suddenly  (Read 1628 times)

Okay ever since I got it, if I am not in a server and am in the main menu or going to start a server/ join a server it quits out on me.  Also I think my ping is dead all the time.  People used to be able to join my server though.  I am getting sick of it quiting out on me and decided to post the problem.  If anyone can help , it would be welcomed and appreciated.

Ok here it is.

BTW: I just did a fresh installation before I posted.

aw....crap. I'm just guessing, since I dunno how this works, but it looks like someone made the Decal Virus's Retail counterpart....Texture Virus. There's 4 types of image named olive and then you get olive can-not-find error over and over

... Olive? 
Badspot, if you read this could you help me?

Do a fresh install with no mods and it should work. If not it shouldn't be a virus.

Also, delete the Blockland directory then re-install.

That is what I did because I had problems then I still had the problem and that is when I posted on forums.

Also, delete the Blockland directory then re-install.
Do THIS. I don't even have olive in my add-ons/shapes.

Delete the entire Blockland folder, ie. C:\Program Files\Blockland
Then reinstall.