Author Topic: Looking for a clan...  (Read 1566 times)

Looking for a DM clan for Retail Blockland.  If you know of any please post them here.

i would make ur own i search reatil dm clan and i saw no dm calns so make ur own dm clan or join ussr they dm sometimes

i see you found a dm clan hope u get in

Why thank you.  I did and if anyone else is having a problem the clan I found is Clan USB by Ladios.

dont trust ladios he's always saying he wont join a clan join mine its called Private first class an lily you can join 2 :cookieMonster: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

would you like to join D.L!

Explaing pls...I dont understand.... :D but the answer will be no since im in [MotE]...Explain anyways :D