Author Topic: Drawings Megathread  (Read 2331289 times)

I dislike coloring VERY MUCH

character is nix's lizort character

the scalies are taking over

friend asked me to do a dynamic pose
also the convert to 1 bit thing is really useful for outlines


i realized it kind of accidentally looks like a cartoony eye and that pisses me off

haha man geese

no but that's pretty cool looking. nice job dude

i feel pretty iffy on this one, some poses couldve been better and there was more i wanted to do but it's whatev

brothers really spoiling the cave story ending + 2 ocs

this is wacky star man

i love wacky star man

feels kinda rough/stiff but that's what animatics are for i guess. being rough and stiff (obviously not done)

[img ][/img]
bye again
this brother seriously managed to draw trash for an entire year... amen