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when you're like....... you kn ow.......... uhh........ i got nothin

when you see a door labeled PULL but you dont have hands with fingers

woah... xcom 3 snake... he do be lookin kinda biomechanized doe

ive hacked into your computer i have them all

at first glance i thought he had a bouquet of roses. please change the image to this because violence is bad.

please capcom give me a new darkstalkers game already

An expedition thirteen-strong
Of Grumpuses who all set off
Seeking out a better life
On Snaktooth Island they did find
A tasty quest to fill the hole
That many feel inside their soul
Venture deep to reach the truth

anyone else here loving despise that stuffty faux-anime cutesy bullstuff art style? no disrespect if you enjoy it, i just think its unoriginal and boring.
i dont have any good examples, just think calarts/steven universe

stuffty faux-anime cutesy bullstuff sounds right up my alley :panda:

i actually don't know what you mean tho cus when you say that i think of people like socky and tigera which i have to assume is not included because then i would cry

mankind discovering first 3d printed n-word pass circa 2945