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preparing for 3D modelling

new vtuber model dropping in soon tm

some cute lil' units
you blocked me on reddit (good) but this is cool

That one high up area in the classic Gmod Tower lobby where it plays the relaxing ambience
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its my annual revisit to the blf, so i have to post things ive drawn for no reason

^im working on this now but by the time i finish it i will probably not care enough to post it

^heres something i finished in january as recompense, i "painted" more than just a head shot but i think the composition looks weird as a bust so im not posting it here  :iceCream:
both of these images happen to be very square, not intentional.. i find it funny how i still remember bbcode so easily but i suppose its not exactly a hard thing to remember. ok bye

such an oppressive thigh gap

the imgur policy change is going to completely nuke both this and the 3d modeling topic thread images


moments before ker-blam

I'm alive, just a drawing for the time. Now I'll go back to oblivion.

i like the roller-skates

i like the roller-skates

They were suprisingly hard to draw, even with reference. They're called Inline Skates, they were popular for a time in the 90s and early 2000s

I will not let this thread die. Even if I don't lurk on here as much, here's a stupid drawing I made on some time ago now LIVE! GOD DAMN IT, LIVE!

I drew the boccher gang