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speedwagon is the only Best Girl out of all of those and you forgetin know it
phos isn't even capable of understanding the concept of a girl

Testing more sketches, wanting to make facial expressions feel more vivid.

Reminds me of the old Eddsworld shorts.

I actually really appreciate that, thank you!

bald jon arbuckle with progeria gets killed by demi god tobuscus

he now makes minecraft season 2 with shis fdodfg wthat can somehow talk to epple weirlder

(has seizure)

i created glory
At first i was mad, angry, furious.

Then i saw lord speedwagon, mixed with those abominations.

I was now the things i was at first, but doubled.

i created glory
hey atleast your really good at drawing

i created glory

darling in the franxx komi san cant communicate konosuba all suck richard

You try too hard to be funny.