Author Topic: Mutant'z Map'z (Airport ready)  (Read 20313 times)

I just tested the hills.

pretty good job on that map no horrible textures and generaly nice :D

I was disappointed with the hills map. The pictures made it seem so much more wide open D:

Excuse me? i'm sorry if i'm offending your "works of art" by criticizing the textures, and thanks for being an absolute self-centred mapper by dismissing what i said as an insult, and saying all your maps are getting "Better and better", in reality, it doesn't work like that automatically, you have to improve to get there.

i am not self centered,i just dont like something called crap when its the same thing as everthing else.

and i'll be the 1st to say my early maps are pure crap.i rushed them,airport has been done for a month now but i keep checking it and checking it and trying to think"what can i do to improve this"

Did you fix the horrible terrain at the raceway and the fail path interior at Waterworld? I just played on them hoping for something epic but I got...

Is the Raceway on RTB yet?

Is the Raceway on RTB yet?

No don't think so, and it definitely shouldn't lol. One of the worst thrown-together maps I've seen.

I bookmarked both topics.

Great job with the maps.

Hes screaming with joy lol.