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Thought this song would be interesting.  xD

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Uhhhhh.......if you're gonna upload it, you might as well zip it for us.

I don't and I'm sure lots of other people don't want to sit in front of the screen while it downloads 2.7 mb

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Is everyone that plays Blockland on dial up?  Three megabytes shouldn't be too demanding....

It isn't when you're downloading it from a real web server via http.  But it's slow as hell if you're downloading it from a someone else's residential connection that probably only has 512k upload using a limited packet rate through a game engine. 

Yes, I understand now.  That's why I changed it.  Sorry.

Funny how badspot has that effect on people

You just have to know how to talk using big words...
like refrigerator!   :cookieMonster:

or hippopotamus!
and antidisestablishmentarianism

Or if you check his post and my second post edit times you will see I changed it before he said anything.....but whatever...

This is russian techno?

I can't tell if they're serious or not.

They had this song on a commercial for Mt. Dew I think.

LOL eyes stronger than Darth Vaper LOL

The song is old

Mountain Dew just used it for junk.

5...4...3...1, OFFBLAST!
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