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Put the map in a new folder. make it and call it "Map_MountainSlate"


EDIT: now a new map
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All you really did was get rid of the water in Slate Storm.

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1. If you make a map, you package it
2. Learn how to make a download link
3. Make better maps, because this one is a 1/10 (and I'm nice)

What the heck is the new map? Anyone could make that in 15 seconds by reading the first section of my tutorial.

If you change the map, change the topic. Also please make a valid link.
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There's a lot of hills which could make it hard to build in some spots

Looks like the old map_cs, AKA new mission, though without the craters.

Link doesn't work.
Random shadows on terrain.
Ugly grass texture.
Not packaged properly. (Just an assumption.)
I don't like it.