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i just wanted to let every one see the progress ive made on my airplane. there is still much work(engine under wings, roosterpit, and the back tail wings).

........ please dont rate.........

Wasn't it done when we were having that epic DM on it?
anyway, I think the wings are abit to small to hold it.
Other than that it's good. :D

If you don't want people to rate/express their oppinon on your build, why post it?

Probably because like he stated, hes just posting the progress so far.

-I sure dont mind the gallery actually being used once in a while-
-been a few days since a new thread-

You can't stop me from rating.

Not because it isn't finished, or because it lacks detail.
But because the overall structure seems kinda sucky. No offense.
Try using reference, be it in the form of images, or models or whatever.

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Actually, we can, because it's against the rules.

If you don't have something nice to say, suck a d.

the wings look a bit small..other then that NICE :D :cookie:

yeah wings look to thin and to short.

but else looks good so far

Looking good, suggestion: make the Wing lights red and put them on the bottom and top of the wings.

my opinion:
looks good
somewhat wierd(sorry it just looks wierd, wish i can tell you why)

wings should be longer
add luggage compartment
add some space under belly of plane

i noticed you had two red lights instead of one red and one green, i aint saying your build sucks cause of this but i think it look more better if you had your green light on the right wing when you are looking from above.
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It looks weird because it's fat.

More because those wings would snap off before the plane got around 500 ft.

i havent been able to work on it.... i have been grounded so.. new pics will take a while

I hate to SUPER BUMP, but isn't that a Clock? Or correct me if I'm wrong...