Author Topic: QuArK Error: Unable to find texture?  (Read 5471 times)

Hey, i was trying to export my map and this stupid error came up (pic attached) and i want to know if there is any way to fix it.

Hey, i want to know how to choose a texture from my PC, please tell me how if you do.

ok, nvm about that, i read the RTB tut, now i know how to import textures but i dont know how to assign them to objects.

The first link I posted will tell you how to apply textures to faces. Right clicking on a view port will let you change the view to textured, which can help you figure out what parts are textured, and which parts are not.

OK, Thanks for all the help Wedge, but when i export it using the low detail dif thing it saves it as .DV and it puts it in a folder called TMPQUARK in my blockland folder in c:\program files and when i put the .DV file in the interios folder in base it dosent show up in the map selection thing when i start a server

Click Torque then Export220Map/Build High Detail DIF

ok, i did that and put newmap.dv in the intreriors folder and started up blockland, and it still was not in the map selection box thing, please help.

It should be exporting in .dif format, not .dv.

huh, in my interiors folder the things are in .DV format.

Did you include all the textures in the folder along with the interior?

you mean did i put the textures in the interior folder?

no, god i feel so stupid lol, ill try that now