Author Topic: My USSR App.  (Read 2797 times)

Their gonna be laike:
"It's too empty fool, more detail! you are still under aged to get in! it looks like a big box lol"

But I say:
I like the way you did the roof :D

Thanks man, lol about the detail thing, i think i need more detail also, i tried to rush it. so ya

Interesting build, but it does need more detail.

Not a bad build, but it appears to be lacking an inside. Without inside details I can't accept this.

Ok, i will repost later with details inside, thanks for the comments

Books in the library would be a good idea. : D

I really like the general shape, But something seems missing from it. I think that even though the shape of it looks nice, at the same time It could use more detail around the edges and windows. Really good try though, I wouldn't mind having you in the clan if you were to ad more detail into your builds.