will it get in?

mabey will get in
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yeah it will
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Author Topic: LOOKED DELETE THIS  (Read 2828 times)

here is my build i call it a fort but only outside done im still thingking of ideas for outside.
when it was just 1x4s with floor and roof i got a 8/10 i hope i get a 9/10 this time
here it is

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It's a tad small isn't it. Besides, if you really want to get in I reccomend you either start the inside soon or remove the comment about the inside. Nobody will notice the lack of interiors if you don't mention it. If you edit your post, so shall I.

im sorry
i like the shape but its still small and lacking details

How long did it take you to build the ouside?
you should spend a lot of time maby 3-4 days or maby even a week making a app to get into a clan like USSR. I don't know what USSR are looking for but I think detail and size are good things to go for. If a part of your build looks rubish don't be afrade to knock that part down and rebuild a more detailed part of it or reshaping it to make it look better.

Take your time on these things don't rush.

I am not shure making the insides of this build will boost your chances but i have noticed improvment in your skill since your first app.  :cookieMonster:
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You could macro it in 20 mins.

Pwnt?  Oh well,  I guess.  Why do you want to be in the USSR so badly?

Yeah man, I'm trying to be as nice as I can here, but this application is seriously lacking in what USSR is looking for, Wait a while before posting a new app, we're not ALL about building, We don't want annoying people in our clan. Thats why we kicked StoreClerk out (way back when...)

Face, you do realize this guy will get in because of his sheer determination.

hey, I'm so determined I already posted 5 apps..or 4, and everyone (most ppl) likes em, I'm still not in.. =(