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forgetin LOVE that guy's art

Late replies just because this thread goes oddly fast when I'm asleep.

I strangely thought of this for some reason.


It looks like something that would come out of a Wii game or a Pokemon episode

but holy stuff its NICE

Q. Do any of your parents know what you're a part of?
Q. A lot of furries / bronies I've met (LZ, Glok, etc) are bi / gay and mainly switch between the two constantly. Are all of you?
Q. Since I've become much more active with blockland (predominantly 1.045) starting in 2007, there's always been a constant fad about 'brown town' and the star fish orifice. It seems to have carried into this game without much trouble. My question is, what is your thoughts on this, and are you supportive of it?
Q. Are you guys animal lovers? (Not like that)

I'll give you people 4 questions to work with for now. If I can get some feedback I'll continue to participate.

I love Q&A.

1) Yes.
2) Straight.
3) Rather vague, or I'm not awake enough. Are we talking about support of some lingering forum-fad, brown town love, or what?
4) I enjoy cats and pretty animals such as humming birds. (though I suppose some consider many animals pretty, I'd have to get more detailed)

Since i was so wraped up In Mist of Pandaria for WoW, i had to time to check the topic all yesterday.
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