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African Oozing Tits.
oh lord

It stands for Age Of Time

What a load of ass.

Ignore these jokers. It stands for "Alliance of Tentaculata". Its a game in which you play as a comb jellyfish, you must multiply in waters but balance chemical levels and food supply.

It was one of Badspots earlier projects.

Aspiringly Ovalesque Titties.

Alabama OTennessee

It's a Major Decision being made by the United States Supreme Court

Abraham/Oswald Terminator.

You must be handicapped. You can't have an Age of Time, it contradicts itself!
You hurt my brain.

Everyone here is trolling, I'll just tell you what it really stands for.
AoT = Apple on Titties.
It's a Japanese hentai game where you have to rape a girl and leave an apple on her unconscious/dead body, if you don't you are just a rapist and the police pursuit you.
Only 1 level was finished, it's just some subway, the easiest way to rape a girl there is wait for them to use the bathroom and rape her there, with all the sound no one will hear her screams. Works every time. You can download some other levels too.

attack of trolls of course
oh wait thats this topics description
its age of time
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You OBVIOUSLY don't know what you are talking about.

Its Aboriginal Obsolagnium Tweeters

obsolagnium is a word :D