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Author Topic: Mega Bear's Maps - Mourn Here for our Loss  (Read 78601 times)

If you are a modder/server host, read the note at the bottom of the topic!

This is a list of my current maps. Constructive criticism is welcome. Oh, who am I kidding? Also, I take requests if I like the idea. Each map has one main image to represent it, but the link to its RTB page will usually contain three or four total images.

Cool Thing: Nasoa revived a project he and I worked on a while ago called Combat Cityscape. Check his project topic to see an image of his retextured version of the interior I gave him!

Collaboration from Blockland's Masterminds. And by that, I mean random people from Aeschylus's server.

Phillpines is a map requested by Phillip. I was on Aeschylus's server when this genius joined and requested the map, and instantly the server's natural masterminds assisted me in my brainstorming. Along came this beautiful map, comprised of interiors from my unreleased/broken maps.

This map is the most psychadelic experience you can have without dying. An otherwise normal pair of islands with pretty ground textures gone wrong; floating shapes and a checkerboard, a crashed spaceship, large pink statues, a lollipop forest, lavender water, a skybox with streaks of pink ... it's crazy, while still giving players a great amount of space to build in.

Normally I would just upload a map to RTB and link it in my map topic, but I feel my more interesting maps should get a little spotlight for themselves.

Nuclear Winter
A war has plunged this world into a Nuclear Winter.

Nuclear Winter is an idea that occured to me whilst playing on a Garry's Mod server in which you are stuck in a wintery landscape and must survive off of resources and other people. I took this idea and blended it with an older idea for a map I had, creating Nuclear Winter.

- You spawn in a base with exactly 64x64 space to build in, with the entire base being made of brick textures. It goes without saying, the entire base is aligned to brick grid! Yes!
- Really cool textures thanks to Boom.
- Mostly terrain map, so it's good for themed builds.
- Many dead trees and stumps scattered about the landscape.
- Custom skybox that sets the tone wonderfully.

Battle Arena
An arena great for zombies, DMs, fort wars, and any other Physician Prescribed Desoxynods of killing blockheads.

My least favorite map.

Battle Arena is an open-ended sandbox arena that is great for any kind of deathmatch, especially fort wars. It has many platforms and walkways that lead above the ground. Running through the map is a river with bridges crossing over it. Players are able to move all around the arena for extremely varied TDMs/DMs. There is also a small spectators' box inside the wall if you'd like to watch any battles.

Mega Bear Racetrack
Race through a track full of twists and turns with friends.

Mega Bear Racetrack will appear as "MB Racetrack" on the map list.

- Large interior for long races.
- Elevated pathways to drive on--don't fall off!
- Varied track design, so pay attention to the road or you may take a wrong turn right into a wall!
- Manipulated vertices in the interior to make smoother curves and better ramps.
- Multiple jumps for the daredevils out there.

Recommended vehicles: Jeep, BABY, Dragster, or any other car that can drive as fast as the Jeep.

A barnayard fit for any animal.

Pasture is a large interior featuring a barn and a fence on the side for farm animals.

Good ambient lighting so the barn doesn't get dull.
Stunning skybocks.
Hay bales and crates inside the barn.
Nice trees and reasonably flat terrain for varied building.
More or less aligned to the brick grid.

Map made for AoE.

A map full of aerial obstacles for the true pilot!

"Aviation" includes many fun features for any aeronautics enthusiast. The lighting is nice and bright with very clear fog to give you a feeling of happiness in this wonderful map. Aviation is also perfect for any RP!

- Many rings in the air for you to fly through.
- A city area on an island for you to zoom amongst skyscrapers and within alleys.
- Two islands with airports on them for dogfights and RPs. The airports have a terminal for blockheads to enter and watch planes take off, a hanger for up to four stunt planes, and a runway large enough to fit Stratofortress' Hercules.
- Two aircraft carriers in the water between the three islands.

All the islands are located close to each other so there's no getting lost, nor is there a reason to fly off into a random direction. All the fun is in one place! A lot of the map is aligned to the brick grid so go ahead and build. Torque also got a little overzealous with the shadows, but it's no big deal.

Have fun!

Small Office
Build in a life-size office!

Small Office is a room with many fun things to do. You can build stuff inside a dresser, hang around by the computer, get down to your roots by the potted plant--the activities go on! The map features a secret room, and the windows have been left open by the owner of this personal study for some air, meaning you can go outside if you'd like. All the textures (except for the computer screen and keyboard) are default, having either been taken from Bedroom or Kitchen.

Known glitches:
On the desk, one of the faces are invisible but still has collision. This is unfixable, but the face itself is very minor and shouldn't prove to be an issue.

There are no other glitches!

Mega Bear Battlefield
An island battlefield set in a jungle!

Map requested by Extrude.

This is an island-based map with jungle-like textures and plenty of trees. It uses custom interiors, and is best for TDMs or DMs. It would, in most cases, be a better idea to make each of the camps their own bases instead of camps vs. jungle base, due to lack of cover. Have fun!

Zombie Farmstead
An abandoned farmstead, now zombie-infested!

The map features:
- Custom skybox! Themed to be night for more of a scary effect.
- Rain! To add to the atmosphere, of course.
- Custom lighting! This makes the map a total night time map, with the only light coming from an illuminated full moon.
- Zombies in mind! The map is an island with no other shores that you can reach by swimming (there are, however, mountains in the skybox to remind you that the farmstead is part of a town of sorts). The island is also very gloomy, as rain is pounding it during the night. Recommended for 2-12 player survival or versus zombie games.

Note: The houses are not a single texture. They have shingles on the roof and different wood textures for the walls and floor. Anyone who insists they are a single texture are idiots spouting random accusations in the dark without even bothering to look at the pictures.

Have fun!

EDIT: Some people have been saying I got the idea for this map from one in TF2. Although I do own and play TF2 regularly, this is not the case at all. That is merely an odd coincedence. Even if I did get the idea from TF2, I would have said so, as I made a map based off Halo--so evidently I see nothing wrong with making maps based off other games.

Mega Bear's Mapping SDK
Free skyboxes, textures, interiors, and scripts for your maps.

Ostinyo's Mapping Tutorial
Learn how to actually make a map!

Nasoa's Guide to Mapping Techniques
Lots of neat tips and tricks to make your maps better.

LoserHero's Skyboxes
A few skyboxes.

I sometimes take suggestions, but they have to be really good. I also am willing to make interiors for mappers that are unable to do so. Additionally, if you are working on a large project and would like a map to go with it (modern weapon pack, big AI pack, etc.) I would be more than happy to contribute with a map tailored specifically to your mod. In coordinance with that, I also make maps specifically for servers. Want to host an RPG or TDM with specific map but lack the experience to make one? Just ask me!
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They look nice and interesting. I like how much Office resembles Bedroom ;)

They look nice and interesting. I like how much Office resembles Bedroom ;)
Thanks, that means a lot coming from you.

Oh, and don't think I copied your topic, I've been wanting to make a thread about my maps for a while. :D

Why would it be copying my topic? It would only be copying my topic if you displayed my maps.

I'm curious to see what you'll make in the future.

Westonini likes these maps

I Would LOVE for You To Joi nAoE!

It's hard for find good maps nowadays. Most are total stuff, and are as boring as car insurance. You're an exception.

I love the small office map.

It's hard for find good maps nowadays. Most are total stuff, and are as boring as car insurance. You're an exception.
Still good, Althought you may want to make buildings alot bigger in the farm homestead map.

Some of the interiors in the small office are glitchy.

Some of the interiors in the small office are glitchy.

My interior maps have glitches too. Blame Torque, not Mega.
Unless its overlapping shapes or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning.

My interior maps have glitches too. Blame Torque, not Mega.
Unless its overlapping shapes or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning.
Which your tutorial clearly says not to do.

You can see through part of the desk interior and two of the chairs legs are far from touching the ground.