Author Topic: another addon i need to find :P  (Read 472 times)

hi and this 1 is just like car heres a pic

its not car buts its just like it
please post the link in the commits

the car's name is police car its not car again if you find this addon plz post the link in the commits

That's not the police car.
In fact, that looks like the original car with a messed up color/material/texture.

tell me who made this :P

Make a new folder, and empty the contents of the zip in there.
Then look for a file called description.txt. open it, and there's your author.

If there's nothing in there, No can do.

It's funny how OP and Corp has pictures of guns as there avatar.
Anyway, if your gonna release this as a addon.

Don't do it. :c