Author Topic: How do I remove the shadow on a slate edit?  (Read 1518 times)

As most of you know, the recently released Nova maps have been adored by many users.  A quote from IcyGamma said, "removing the shadow is a common practice in Slate edits."

So yeah, would like to update them soon.

I don't think you can. The slate ground is an interior and interiors receive shadows.

Don't listen to IcyGamma, he doesn't know anything.

Lol "common practice" what a joke.

I've never messed with Slate, but it's an interior and watrblock, no?

Well, waterblock not necessarily.  That's for textured slates because the water texture will extend with the mission area and infinately.  The Slate's dif just allows you to stand on it - above the water.  This explains the "edge of slate".

Now that it's impossible, locking.