Author Topic: Creating a Dark ( really dark ) Map for RP City  (Read 1078 times)

Need a bit help, how i can create a Dark area.
I used Flatlands and started Building and
it will become a postapocalyptic RP city.

Would be awesome if someone can tell me what i should do.
Maybe changing the Sky texture into somthing dark with stars.
A link would be awesome then.

So please help :)

Kind regards, myrothas

To change a map's lighting you need to go to the World Editor Inspector tab in Mission Editor and change the RGB values to get appropriate lighting. You can also edit this part of the .mis for lighting:

Code: [Select]
new Sun() {
      azimuth = "0";
      elevation = "70";
      color = "0.990000 0.870000 0.900000 1.000000";
      ambient = "0.300000 0.300000 0.500000 1.000000";

If you want a new sky, I've posted somewhat of a tutorial here, which includes a few sample skyboxes:

Got it cuz of you! Thanks!! :)