Author Topic: Song request "The wall"  (Read 2422 times)

Im requesting Pink floyd "the wall" part 2

Give me a link to a vid on youtube, and the part of it you want cut and looped, and I'll gladly be on that job...

Gah, youtube is killing my PC, can you post a video of it greek?

Would Korn's version of Brick in the Wall suffice?

It would, although that version and the Pink Floyd version would be a ear-gasm.

Cnc, you are being to vague, do you mean the song "Another brick in the wall Pt. 2"?, because there is no song called "The wall"

great that has no value what-so-ever

What part of the song do you want cnc???

I've had the song finished for several days now, I just havent gotten around to converting it. Here's the MP3 if you want it.

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Is it Mono'd?? Its a bit big.

i mono'd it im pretty sure...
i clicked the mono box