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If anyone knows a better way I could implement this, feel free to tell me. I don't like having to update the whole thing every time Badspot releases some change to it.

Edit: I just realized. Would it be possible to package missionCleanup so when an object is added, I check if it's PrepperProjectile? Or is missionCleaup package protected?

Edit2: Well, I realized I could package this to MissionCleanup's Add function so I don't have to rewrite the command to do things, but now I can't get the player it originally showed to. Any ideas? Just a radius search and attack closest?

Edit3: Should I try hooking it into the Bot Events instead of writing up it's own code?
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is Badspot trying to give childrens that scare easily a heart attack?


big snip
Well about the bot events, I suggest never linking add-ons together, they tend to be very annoying and limit things in many ways.

The only good 'links' would be Tier+Tactical, Rot's Zombie Mod, Lordicians Flying Support and probably a couple more, but as I said, don't link them.

I swear, my heart skips a beat every time I hear the pain noise in single player.

For the people who don't know what a "Prepper" is, its the name of the code and image that makes that face spawn at random for a split second.

Edit; Never mind, I see this was covered already.



MWT Maintenance of Wakefulness Test
MWT MicroWave Technology Inc., (Fremont, CA)
MWT Movable Weight Technology (Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.)
MWT Megawatt Thermal
MWT Mint - With Tag
MWT Millimeter Wave Technology
MWT Microwave Tube
MWT Mean Waiting Time
MWT Minimum Wall Thickness
MWT Mirror Worlds Technologies, Inc (Connecticut)
MWT Mallory-Weiss Tear (tear in esophagus usually preceded by vomiting)
MWT Moms Who Think
MWT Manx Wildlife Trust (Isle of Man)
MWT Medium Wheeled Tractor
MWT Michigan-Wisconsin Transportation Company
MWT Midwest Twisters (Hartland, Franklin, and Oak Creek, WI)
MWT Microwave-Tomographic Imaging
MWT Modular Warping Tug
MWT Macbeth Williams Teleconsulting (Atlanta, GA)

I feel like I have been living under a rock whenever I see a three letter abbreviation that I do not know.

Wazit mean?

I updated the file. It no longer overwrites the entire command to do things. It doesn't walk toward you anymore - it will look at the nearest player. Also, the pain sound and spawning are not connected anymore. No more warning.

Thanks, my default one was broken.

If the default one is broken, Blockland itself should repair it. The launcher automatically reverts Add-Ons to clean versions on startup, since people would break them and complain.

Make it Bigger like the Endermen is MineCraft(For a bigger scare:Add the moaning ;)

Tall/Long arm/small head

I have upgraded this due to Badspot completely removing Prepper's code (Although he left the image used with it). If absolutely nothing of the old Prepper exists, it will load up the last version of Prepper before the removal. It checks all the objects and the command that were removed pertaining to Prepper, so if anyone of those is recreated, it won't start overwriting them with the old code. Making sure this won't break anyone, while providing the Prepper script in case...

What are we supposed to call Prepper if not that? Renderman is only applied as assumed, so I'd rather have some confirmation before I play into that situation...

Does this act as its own add-on now that Prepper is removed?

Does this act as its own add-on now that Prepper is removed?

If NONE of the old Prepper datablocks and functions exist, it will remake them. If any one of them exists, it won't recreate Prepper. This is to prevent it from overwriting any future iteration of the script which may come to pass, I'd rather not have this mod one of the "Remove - it breaks the new Prepper" type mods.