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Author Topic: Bad/weird stuff you see on deviantArt - Megathread  (Read 2151107 times)

leaked images of the binding of isaac new dlc

for real though these images actually gave me a stomachache

also i found this while going through deviantart
guys turning into loving pool floaties
tbh when i was 9 i drew fanfics of me and this artist

tbh when i was 9 i drew fanfics of me and this artist

I must be masochistic for opening this just before going to sleep

Or I'm just very very very very stupid

i just came from a video about the stuff on da


cuphead incest
so far thats the only stuff i have
edit: seen before
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Oh man it's this guy again.
The first time I saw this his DA profile was literally the first result that came up when you googled "big knee special interest".

-hell no im not a satanist.-
when your about to think its just another oc and then you look closely.
edit: made this sign

now for the stuff beyond this sign.

this is just sad how people waste their talents on this kind of bullcrap.
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