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Author Topic: Bad/weird stuff you see on deviantArt - Megathread  (Read 2131231 times)

deviantArt has a lot of amazing artists with amazing artwork, but dA also has an equal amount of handicaps with pictures so horrible that you just want to bleach your eyeballs. So I, along the BLF community, have gathered a giant collection of the most terrible abominations to all of humanity.

But there's always still a lot of deviations out there, and we'll always have room for more. So, help us clean up dA! If you find something stupid, bad, or strange on dA, like drawings, photos, literature, comments, journals, or even just stupid people, post them here.

Some pictures may be NSFW (not safe for work) and may cause blindness, herpes, AIDS, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and seizures. It will also kill your boner. So view with caution and at your own risk.

NOTE: This thread is purely for fun and enjoyment. We do not hate anything drawn in these pictures, and mean no offense by showcasing them in our gallery. If you are offended by anything in this thread, then you should alert a therapist ASAP.

-There's actually bonerloads more bad dA stuff in this thread, but I can't shove them all into the OP, for the sake of page-stretching. But if you think you can survive the horrible entities that hide in this thread, then just skim through some pages and you will find a lot more tardwork-

Bad/stupid/odd pictures:

Bad/stupid/odd literature:

"A day in the life of the coon"

Dumb Deviants:
WHAT WHAT IN DA BUTT. (This person got banned from dA, lol)
This person has the best OCs ever.

The pepsidude/Mr Man saga:

Part one:
Ladies and Gentlemen prepare your eye bleach.

Part Two:
Electric Boogaloo

Dem elites:

Part 3:
I don't want to live on this planet anymore

Part 3 and a half:
Part 3 1/2

Part 4:
Run for the Hills
"It's not just a name, it's what you should do right now if you value your sanity"

Part 5:
The goggles, they do nothing
"Bringing this back from the dead, one bump at a time."

Part 6:
Never safe
"You're not out of the woods yet..."


Epic fan-fiction:
The brilliant Deviant who wrote the fan-fiction and drew the "art."

Deviant wolfs:
And here's some Wolfies
Whoop whoop
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I hate sonic OCs out of everything else.

Not everyone has amazing artistic skills.

Not everyone has amazing artistic skills.
So? I have the right criticize it.

If any are NSFW, tell first.

i remember when DA would have at least one furry pic on newest

no wait

it still does

for every 1 artist, there are 10 "artists" and 10 thief artists.
DA sucks

for every 1 artist, there are 10 "artists" and 10 thief artists.
DA sucks
Everything on dA is bad :cookieMonster:
I've seen some pretty good stuff on dA. But most of the good stuff is outnumbered by tardwork.

I've seen some pretty good stuff on dA. But most of the good stuff is outnumbered by tardwork.
Daily Deviations is where a lot of the great stuff is.

but yeah the good stuff on dA makes up for this