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Blockland r1491

Teledoor bricks added:

  • It's a teleporting door, walk in one, come out the other.
  • Teledoors are matched by name.  Walk in one named "DoorA", you will come out the other brick named "DoorA".  If there is more than two doors with the same name, you cycle between all of them in order of placement.
  • If you place more than one teledoor brick without clearing your temp brick, they are automatically given the same name.

  • Removed "Vertex Lighting" option for interiors - this was a compatibility option for GPUs that did not have multitexturing back in 1998, it is not relevant anymore and it seems to have broken in r1486
  • Loading gui now shows "Loading Add-Ons" phase when starting a server
  • Fixed slow loading of datablocks when vsync is enabled

Oh my!

This is quite nice! :D

Good for cutting down events.

Looks awesome. Transition between doors is smooth, nice work.

Me and Mr LoL were having fun with these while you were testing them :D

makes a nice avatar :p

Teledoors :D

wait, I just noticed "Loading Music"
I never seen that before
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Now you're thinkin with portals!

Hey, can you make an option to see the names of the Add-Ons your getting

The hand animation when you click is broken or something, and I have default addons loaded only. bug?

Love it.

... Are they only doors or are there plates so you can fall into them as opposed to walking into them?

You should add an optional fade-out, fade-in effect for passing through teledoors, similar to what you had on the shop in Age of Time. Perhaps it could be done through an event called by onTeledoorEnter that calls a client command, so it can be used by other event setups and server mods too. The client command itself could have some check to ensure it isn't being called frequently to avoid abuse.

The hand animation when you click is broken or something, and I have default addons loaded only. bug?
Sure you're actually clicking? Can you activate evented bricks? A client mod could be causing it, and I'm not getting this bug.