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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 1185432 times)

This is always going to be talk of admins, I think you might get over this sooner when you are rejected for the 5th time.
Nah, I'm gonna wait to post my app when it's 2014

Oh well.....

........I did have better grammar than most of the others though......
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Page 666 comin' up real soon...

Nah, I'm gonna wait to post my app when it's 2014
You'll be auto-ignored as soon as you app next time, given your chances so far.

You'll be auto-ignored as soon as you app next time, given your chances so far.
Only now? Goin' hard on me?!
They never did that or will they?

Name: MrLoganator111
BL_ID: 30372
Previous Experience  Administrating: Kong123's multiple highly populated servers, my 4th of  July event (I gained lots from that), snk12's Metro. RPG, AirGlider's  ThrowMod (Moderator)
Who recommends you?:
Known: RogueStatus4Life, Trifornt, Halt, Vision, bf3 bro, and Spikeman. (Those are the ones I asked in about 5 minutes)
Assumed:  Mango, Cowboy6, YoungRotations, Navaro, Kong123, Wrapperup, Whirlwind,  AIMgame, Blake1, -Tokerovin-, Furdle, GreenBay, Pacnet2012, Pass, and  The Administrator
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I have  quite a bit of experience and I know the ropes of moderating a popular  server. I also get along with nearly all people (Example: I get along  with Furdle who doesn't get a long with lots of people) and I do not  know anybody that thinks I am an idiot. I believe that I would blend  well with the other admins, yet still have differences for more  effective moderation.
Your Timezone/Region: Midwest / Central Time
Darren: No. Althought MrLogan does take traffic very well, he can keep his eye on the server and I do like him, but I just don't think he's a Pecon7 able guy.
TheBlackParrot: no
Jetz: I'm sure a few people in history got along with mesothelioma. Not something they'd put on a résumé. No.
Phantom Knight: You don't get into the server for knowing the ropes you get in for knowning how many tentcals Squideey has, so no 4 u!
Narkro: "Nearly all people" sounds suspicious. No.
WhiteStorm: No.
Danny Boy: No
NeutralZero: Where do I start, well I will start on the fact that just having moderator doesnt matter, its an addon that simnply only allows you to perform functions such as kicking people, so that wouldn't count as one, second just being able to get along with someone doesn't mean your assured a #1 spot on the admin team, it sounds to me that you care more about just being admin. No
Agent Creeper: --
Sounds fair. Thanks for all of the info! @Narko: By nearly all people I mean nobody that I know of.  @NeutralZero: No, I don't really care about just being an admin, I want to give the players a better experience, but I understand where you are coming from.

In-game Name: Turfy
BL_ID: 30562
Application: Administrator
 Administrative  Experience:  I've been Super-Admin on many popular servers including:  Christy Redfield's Blockombat and Lolz??(now OrangeMan)'s Freebuild.
OrangeMan BL_ID: 26810
Christy Redfield BL_ID: 37699
Alf BL_ID: 7829
Noodles BL_ID: 34801
Radioactive Mace BL_ID: 28093
Quacky BL_ID: 37452
Ice Cube BL_ID: 11763
Peanut3567 BLID: 4830
Why  I should join the staff: I am a well-measured, trusted, and tolerant  person, so I would not do weird and horrible things like destroying  bricks, cussing out players, or randomly banning/kicking people, etc.  Also, I have never been banned from a server for more than one minute,  and I have held respected positions on many other servers as Moderator,  including Dr.Zegobob’s Swordplay TDM. At one time I was also the  respected co-creator of a clan called Origin (dead).
Why I  should be trusted: I am a confident but humble person and I will  co-operate with and freely consider the ideas of my fellow admins and  not arbitrarily reject those of players. I will fulfill my reputation as  a trustworthy and knowledgeable person and will come to the aid of  anyone who is need of help that is reasonable and within my power. I  will use all my enthusiasm, judgmental tolerance and fairness to  moderate your server with care.
Timezone: EST
Darren: Yes. I think he's got what it- "Lolz??" no. NO NO NO.
TheBlackParrot: no.
siba: yeahno
Phantom Knight: Stay to your own turf Turfy! (yeh no)
Jetz: Generic. Plain. Did not follow the application, though at least that's a step away from how mundane this all is. No.
Narkro: I don't care that you *won't* do "weird and horrible things", tell me what you *will* do that's good.
WhiteStorm: no
Danny Boy: I think this was an excelllent appli.....AHAHAHAHA I can't even type it with a straight face....No
NeutralZero: Once again just because your admin on a popular server doesnt mean your a great admin, and just because you respected a clan member means nothing. No
Agent Creeper: Don't make me laugh on this (No).

My app has been extensively updated. 

Congrats to the new admins. Looking forward to working with you guys in-game.

Why are the admins' comments are still in it?
He left the "Denied" in there too. Good to know he's already making our jobs easier!

Thank you guys for accepting me, although I kept my application long because I had much to say, not because I thought that it was better to be long.
To whoever said that Kalphiter recommended me: I was admin on Kalphiter's new year's. I put that as experience and not a recommendation. I never asked Kalphiter for a recommendation on this server and he never gave me one.

I'll come on the server now and moderate it I guess.
EDIT: Am I on the admin list? I joined the server but it never gave me the message that I was admin. Am I missing something?

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add "completely new game" to the poll

He left the "Denied" in there too. Good to know he's already making our jobs easier!
Hooray lol

Only now? Goin' hard on me?!
They never did that or will they?
Because you've applied 5 times now, if anything.

By the way, for my admin applicaton, Darren said "this is made up" only because he holds a grudge against me for making him lose an argument about him abusing. Take note of that.
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Because you've applied 5 times now, if anything.
4 you mean