Author Topic: A 'Max' number of shapes?  (Read 2670 times)

Can Blockland support a large number of shapes in maps. For example if you were making a forest would it not be advised to place lots of trees?

In terms of interiors, you can place as many as you want. They don't lag the game, and even if they did, I doubt anyone would place enough interiors to cause lag. Trees I presume are the same. They are .dts files like guns and vehicles, but they're static shapes so I doubt they would lag the game unless you had thousands of them on a single map.

I've put in 400+ trees and seen no lag. I'm sure you could have a large amount of trees.

There are around 400-500 trees in this map, and it runs perfectly smoothly.

Damavand Peak, to be hosted at my server.

Looks kind of like an alien planet to me for some reason, I guess the base just gives it that feel.

It looks like a human outpost to me lol. I just didn't have the right trees for it.
It's supposed to look like this:

Thanks.. I shall hopefully commence treespam :3

Also that looks like a good map, would like to see it