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Author Topic: Game Mode/Server Contest Hosted By RUSH0814  (Read 497 times)

Game Mode Contest

hey everybody! i am hosting a game mode contest, the contest is that someone makes a server and has a build, with a gamemode, (eg. trench warfare or level up sniping) and whoever i decide has the best server i will replicate their build with an interior. it will be their map! Contest starts now and i havent decided the end date.

Contest Rules.
1. You ARE allowed to make a new gamemode and use it on your server
2.Server must have some sort of game mode on it (eg. team death match, trench warfare, grapple knife tdm.
3.To enter contest you must post reply on this topic with server online times and your blockland name.

Fans will be able to vote for an ADDITIONAL winner in a pole. whoever wishes to enter in the fan vote has to post reply with your blockland name and server name and i will add you to the poles. whoever wins the fan vote will get a small server recreation. (ill build a map to replicate your server)

Good Luck!

Contest start/end
The contest starts now (Thursday January 12th) and I havent decided end date

But what is the point of a making a replicate interior of a trench warfare server?

Show us an example of your work.

the point is all of a sudden its a map. now its twice as popular. and not just trench warfare

Show us an example of your work.
ive only released one map. ill show pics of my beta challenge though in a sec

im thinking of adding a real life prize too :p