Author Topic: making mass gamemode builds  (Read 745 times)

hey guys, in my free time ive been building some big builds for gamemodes so when i want to host a server with a cool gamemode i just have to load it. but i need some help because its a lil time consuming. (i have barely any freetime for building because i have exams, jiu jitsu for an hour after school, homework, 3d design courses that i take, and im also making an rpg <-- PM me for link to play it or reply). so yes anyways i need some help. ive made a jail rp build and its like 95% complete im just to lazy to finish it. ive made a trench warfare build but i want to make a new one. and im currently making a sniper tdm build too.  so if you want to help reply or pm me or contact me on the RTB IRC. btw if you build with me and its good enough ill replicate the build in torque constructor and make it a map and ill only release it to you and me.

I couldn't read the OP because your avatar scared the stuff out of me.

I couldn't read the OP because you can't talk comprehensible english.