Author Topic: Is it ok to 'finish' the game?  (Read 5427 times)

Age of time was his main game for a bit
then he made blAckland.
No it was a test game like many of his other games he made before Blockland, what Hellboy said is exactly right.
Age of Time was never his "main game". He was just making it to get used to the engine before he made Blockland. If you look at his website he made many games before Age of Time which were also test games to work out stuff on the engine.

Didn't someone port the AOT map to BL?

That was me, but I took it off the forum since someone reminded me of the "Do not port anything from this game to Blockland or I will KICK YOUR ASS" part. My ass is fine thanks for asking.

Frankly I think Badspot should put the map in Blockland as default seeing as it's not a terrible map. Not the best in the world but it's a decent one.
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