Author Topic: My RP Packs finally for public release.  (Read 9293 times)

Hello fellow Blockland user, are you bored from all the stupid RP stuff, When you see invisible objects and you re saying "What the- Why aren't they holding something!"! This is where this comes in

Now exactly what DOES This prop pack do?

A: It does Nothing! its there to keep your mind from going "Why are they holding air?!"

They come in 2 packs! Finally after months this has been held back, its Being release to Every RP er!

RP Pack 1. It contains: a PDA Prop and the Briefcase( for briefcase You may have to reequip to get the actual effect)
RP Pack 2. It contains: A Radio Prop, Pencil prop, and a Book prop
Please take a look at these Significant screenshots

"Why are they holding air?!" You need this then Mr.

Edit 1: As stated in some of the replies, this RP pack may also be useful for movies and such.

Edit 2: If you have any suggestions for more RP packs, PM me with the subject "RP pack suggestion" or Email me at and use the same subject as for the PM.
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Hi wrap! Also new download link please, it takes me to my mediafire page.

Sorry for the inconvinience, Im Fixing the links now. Here you take a Cookie :D! Oh wait the  :cookieMonster: got it sorry, but i got another one   :cookie:

Wrap, that might be your second post but NEVER do that.

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The skin color is to light.

This is the real color.

There's no default "skin color" Aware.

There's no default "skin color" Aware.

There is the human skin color that is that color. you can use whatever color you want for skin, but if you are going for that color, you should alteast get it right.

The skin color is to light.

This is the real color.

When I looked,
Something on the map bugged my lighting

No, its the color.

You dont have to use it if you dont want tho.