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i am sorry
i had to do this


That's right!

Since []----[] and I have been working on Cyblock 3,

I'm finally releasing the saves for the builds "Cyblock" 1 and 2.

Cyblock 1

The original Cyblock was made in v9, originally just called "Cyberspace".

It was essentially made for exploring the idea of a cyberspace build and also acting as my first experimentation with wrench events.


Cyblock 2

Quoting the video description:

Cyblock is another dimension that was utilized by the Inertia Laboratories in order to fuel a power-hungry Earth in the year 2495. It resembles 'cyberspace' for the laws of physics were modified there to fit the needs of the mining facilities there. But due to this overwriting, something went wrong, in the form of deadly organisms. These 'viruses' started attacking the Inertia bases planted all around Cyblock, and now are all uninhabited. Now, the player wakes up on Earth in the Inertia main base, only to wind up being flung into the heart of Cyblock.


I recommend you use Slate_Aurora for this save.



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I remember playing this on my first few days on Blockland.

I remember playing this on my first few days on Blockland.

Also, what are the required add-ons for these?

Also, what are the required add-ons for these?

Uh, they're all default!

Uh, they're all default!
stuff bro thats actually pretty neat then

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We all know What happened when we Loaded the Maps up....

Man I'm going to have to play this soon.

This is the only single player build I've ever seen in blockland, and its crazy how long it took you to finish it

I really hope to see more single-player gamemode type builds like this in the near future

Blockland Adventure mode anyone?

-100 respect

Yeah i guess it is kind of irrisponcable to post your own builds for people to steal, whatever..

Its A Trick! I Downloaded it and all there was was some red spam bricks that say i tricked you...   :C