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Author Topic: Zombies in the Bluzone** [[CLOSING]]  (Read 321584 times)

that sucks, poor guy never got a taste of this fine server. if it were up to me I'd let him in.


Will it be up tomorrow?

I know right i got perma banned because i thought id have to change my name again. terns out that id just be stuck with the name already
I guess when i was a second day new to the server i should of read more about the rules and the site of how it works. this just makes me wanna cry cause how much I'm missing on a good server like this...
« Last Edit: August 02, 2012, 12:12:20 AM by bucket_toast »

You can change your name again.
You were probably asked to change your name but you didn't or you changed it to something else bad.

I'd say weekends are better

And 13:00 - 7:00 GMT is a good time to check

There is no real set time.

Why don't you guys get it...

No one know when its going to be up, SA's will decide that.

so nobody knows if it'll be up tomorrow?

I think that post confused them, Capt'n

I hope you realize I was attacked and had to defend myself and I am banned. I hope you reconsider

I hope you realize I was attacked and had to defend myself and I am banned. I hope you reconsider

Yeah, that was a mis-understanding. You were unbanned within the minute aha

Sorry about that


Yea like 5 times.

I think that post confused them, Capt'n

Okay, how should I word it better?

Love this game

Things get heated in the Bluzone, as the military increase their activity. During an apache patrol, an AA Tank appears atop the excavation site, and soon opens fire. The sky is ignited by gunshots, and after a volley of gunfire, the AA Tank is destroyed.

Some survivors attempt to figure out how to get water running through Gammaton. After some searching they find a water pump by the dam.

They soon attempt to get the water running, and after some time eventually open the valve.

Survivor Marley McGee is the first to shower in Gammaton (image blurred for censorship)

Peter McTier remains behind to talk with Lee Hanson about his activity in the military.

Some time passes, and a tank gets sky-craned into Gammaton! It seems to have the intent on clearing the area. The survivors scatter, many injured and killed, and after some time they manage to take down the tank.

They all soon realize they're in the middle of a warzone as two Apaches go head-on in Gammaton's sky. The battle rages on for some time, with some impressive flying. The survivors lay low, and eventually one of Apaches are blown out of the sky. The victor lifts up, and flies off.

The survivors in Gammaton get some R&R after the hectic battle.

But not all is perfectly safe, Survivor Lee Hanson seems to be on a mission to possess the arm of a Mutalid. Things don't go according to plan, as he failure in gassing the Mutalid resulted in her being very angry. She chases him down, and mauls him. Some onlookers observe as she punches into his stomach, and rips out an under-developed Mutalid baby. Could this be why Lee was so protective of the Mutalids, because he was hosting one?

He's quickly taken back to the base so his injuries can be treated, but it's soon realized that it is too late. Lee's stomach has been ripped to shreds and his whole front torso is open.

The survivors decide to lay him to rest and Pip Kiro carries him out of the base, a small group following.

Pip Kiro stops atop the pipeline, and looks down.

He announces Lee Hanson's death and says he will destroy the brain before feeding his corpse to the zombies.

He places the lifeless corpse onto the pipe, and draws his revolver.

the survivors look away as Lee Hanson's brain is blown out to stop re-animation.

Pip Kiro throws the lifeless corpse down into the ravine, where it is quickly feasted upon by the undead...

Rest in peace, Lee Hanson.

RIP--Rest in Pieces...

Pip Kiro takin the heat.